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What we are working after User Device Tracker 3.2

Thanks to the great feedback regarding UDT node discovery, we found several ways we could streamline importing nodes into UDT. As many customers prefer manually adding nodes already present in Orion database, we wanted to make it easier to do so, in addition to the existing Network Sonar option. Below we'll walk through the new flow to add existing Orion managed nodes into UDT, regardless if they are NPM, NCM or devices managed by other Orion products.

As the primary reason for adding nodes is the port monitoring, we decided to make this flow start at Port Management page under UDT settings.


A new drop down menu allows you to work with existing monitored ports and nodes already managed by UDT in addition to selecting those managed by other products.


Once selected from the list of unmanaged nodes, you can continue the import by clicking on new button: Monitor Node by UDT


New nodes will be imported in the background so you can keep working without the need to wait until the process is finished.

Once the import is completed, an Event message about the success is displayed.

Apart from adding this new import option, we are also looking at future improvements to the Polling of VLANs. Newly, suspended VLANs will not be polled, saving system and node resources especially in bigger and more complex networks with more VLANs.


Will you also add the ability to see if a port is err-disabled, and the ability to reset that port from the err-disabled state? I know this has been requested many times in the past. Also on the port listing it would be nice to see the port description, so we all put a description of the port on the switch itself to be able to tell what it is used for.


Hi Peter,

We've been patiently waiting since October 2013 for a solution, once and for all and out of the box, to the false Node status that UDT creates.

v2.0 No fix
v2.5 No fix
v3.0 No fix
v3.0.1 No fix
v3.0.2 No fix
v3.1.0 No fix
v3.2.0 No fix

The issue, in case it has been lost, is that UDT by default in either a new installation, an upgrade or reconfiguration, reverts the setting in the NodeChildStatusParticipation table.


We need this setting to be disabled out of the box.
This setting must not revert when running Configuration Wizard.
This setting must not revert if and when a UDT related service is restarted.
This setting must not revert when upgrading UDT.

For those who wish to enable this setting, an option to enable it should be found in the UDT settings page, with clear mention of the setting behavior.

Can we please get this in vNext? Pretty please with sugar on top?

Level 13

Hi Deltona,

thanks to you (and few more customers reporting this) we have this bug-fix on our roadmap with increased priority, now waiting for Dev. estimation so we know if can be put into vNext or not.

I will keep you updated.


Level 13

Hi Kurt,

not in the Service Release, as those are not meant for new features but bug-fixing only. That said, this feature has highest number of votes now so it's also our highest priority for a future major release. As soon as this SR goes out, there will be another WWWO article posted informing you on features we will be working on next.


Level 15

I can't wait for fixes - I have this SQL script running as a SQL agent job every 5min - no more concern when running the config wizard.

UPDATE [dbo].[NodeChildStatusParticipation]

SET [Enabled] = 0

WHERE (EntityType = 'Orion.APM.SqlServerApplication' OR EntityType = 'Orion.UDT.Port')


Level 15


Will this service release resolve the issue where Network Sonar Discovery imports all discovered nodes into UDT even when no ports are selected?

If not can I get a temp uplift on my license or can you confirm which table you want me start deleting rows from?

Seems like a dbo.UDT.NodeCapability and maybe Job should just about do it

Level 16

Just to confirm after installing UDT 3.2.2 these were the values in NodeChildStatusParticipation