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What We're Working on for NPM

Level 15

Since the release on NPM 11.5 we've been hard at working building the next round of exciting functionality and improvements in existing functionality.  I'm excited to share the following list of items we're working on:

  • Updated UI Look and Feel - The UI is receiving some love this release, spanning across NPM, SAM, VMAN, and the other Orion based products.
  • Deep Visibility into F5 load balancers - Covering things like connection counts by VIP and server.
  • Monitoring for Cisco Switch Stacks (3750, 3850, 2960S) - Covering things like stack master, stack ring health, enumerating members, tracking member changes, per member hardware health, and so on.
  • Syslog / Traps / search improvements -
  • Unmanage behavior improvements - Unmanage reason (like shutdown tracker in Windows 2008)Silence Alerts While Still Monitoring
  • Manage Pollers improvements - map sysoid values to arbitrary text for node details properties.
  • Enhancements to view restrictions
  • QoE Transport-Layer Metrics

Ongoing Initiatives:

  • Increased scalability per SolarWinds instance (target of 250k elements / instance)
  • Improved performance and decreased resource load times via analysis with SolarWinds DPA
  • Increased number of pollers possible per instance

You can always access the most up to date version of this information here: What We're Working on for NPM (Updated July 28, 2015)

Disclaimer:  Comments given in this forum should not be interpreted as a commitment that SolarWinds will deliver any specific feature in any particular time frame. All discussions of future plans or product roadmaps are base on the product teams intentions, but those plans can change at any time.

Level 14

Updated UI - Yes!

Cisco Stacks - Yes! (Juniper toooo???)

Syslog / Traps - Yes!

Unmanaged Behavior - Yes!

Sign me up for the RC

Level 16

here we go again Solarwinds!!!

That as used and deployed as cisco.

i expect to see that in the same release

Level 9

You guys just made my Monday morning with this news.  I am so excited to see F5 GTM's and Cisco Stacks supported, however I do agree if you are doing Cisco stacks you may as well do Juniper too.    Thank you so much for this great news Dev Teams!!!!!

Level 12

This all looks great!  I'm curious about what the Enhancements to View Restrictions will be?  Three things I'm hoping this enhancement covers are:

- Independent View Restrictions assignable to each tab (sub-view) on a view.  Currently, when a View Limitation is applied to a View, it becomes the restriction for all tabs (sub-views) on that view.  It would be great if each tab could have its own separate limitation. (What's really frustrating is that in the Views SQL table you can actually manually update each tab to use a different Limitation ID and it works until somebody clicks Customize Page on the web console for that view.  Even if they don't touch the Limitation it resets all of the tabs on that view back to the main tabs limitation.  I guess there is either a Stored Procedure or something that triggers this.

- ALL resources respect View Limitations.  It is frustrating when you put a limitation on a View and some resources just don't care.  The Active Alerts resource is a good example.  If you limit a view to only show Nodes with a certain custom property value for example, you still see all Alerts for the whole Orion environment.  If I limit a view to a Node Custom Property, then I expect to only see Node Alerts and then Interface, Volume, and Application Alerts for elements that are children of the limited Nodes.

- No more having to use the old Account Limitation Builder application on the server before I can create a Limitation.  There are a ton of View limitations that come out of the box, but weirdly none of them allow us to look at Custom Properties.  For some reason we have to go onto the server and manually create those first.  There should just be an option when creating/editing a Custom Property that says something like "Use as a View/Account Limitation".  Or, better yet, just automatically allow any custom property to be used as a Limitation in any way we want without having to do anything.

Level 8

When are we going to see Juniper Virtual Chassis monitoring!!!!!!

Level 9


Improve the search Engine in NPM.


So we can search on all ip numbers of a device and not only the polling address.


Level 14

Hi Jan - Have you tried Global Search Technical Preview - Notes & Info yet? Would love your feedback if that meets your use case. 

Level 9


No I haven't test it.

Is it still a beta version?


Level 14

Hi Jan,

The bits provided are officially "technical preview" which is a fancy way of saying a Release Candidate (this means it's suitable to be run in production, but if there are problems, we may just tell you to uninstall it - still working out a few kinks). We shipped the Technical Preview with NPM 11.5 GA bits and have shipped updates with 11.5.1 and 11.5.2. We have Beta's for other Orion Core based modules ongoing at the moment and I'm not aware of any major issues.

Level 9

The NPM node Polling IP Address, need to be extend to more than one ip number.

We want to poll two.

Level 9

I just found out that we have purchace SolarWinds EOC, can this be an option for the search also?

Level 14

Hi Jan,

Can you elaborate on your use case with EOC?

Level 9

The main resend for we purchase the EOC was that we have two NPM installations, one in EMEA and one in Americas and we want to see both in one web interface in an global overview.

I have not installed the EOC yet as I am still reading about how I should install it.

So the question are is there any extra features in EOC that we not able to do or see in an single NPM environment?


Level 9

Can you look into increasing the size of the Syslogs NPM handles? We are currently experiencing issues with our database maintenance and how the NPM server is not able to process the amount of syslog traffic that we are receiving in our enterprise environment. Case Update: 864515 - Syslog Database not purging data after 7 days

Level 8

It would be great if you could modify the installer to configure IIS for HTTPS with a HTTP redirect.  In the ever increasing security world HTTPS should be default.  If you configure the port in the installer for 443 it will perform a HTTP web service test call to HTTP://servername:443 instead of HTTPS://servername and fail. 

Level 10

you announce  that you are working on "Syslog / Traps / search improvements" in the next release, I am very happy about this. But even more important is --> SNMP TRAPS and SYSLOG can raise an advanced alert in NPM" (, can you tell use maybe somthing about Trap/Syslog alerting in NPM? best regards

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