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What We're Working on - Log & Event Manager Edition

Product Manager

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(Updated March 2, 2015)

Following our 6.1 release of LEM (more info: Announcing General Availability of Log & Event Manager 6.1 - Better Config, and More!‌), we're back to work on more features and improvements. Some of these features will be included in our 6.2 release of LEM (more info: Log & Event Manager 6.2 and a Threat Intelligence Feed).

Obligatory disclaimer: Comments given in this forum should not be interpreted as a commitment that SolarWinds will deliver any specific feature in any particular time frame. All discussions of future plans or product roadmaps are base on the product teams intentions, but those plans can change at any time.

Here's what's on the top of our radar:

  • Integrating IP reputation threat feeds, to provide better insight into events generated on the network that may be coming from known "bad actors" (similar to/part of‌)
  • Agentless Windows Event Log connectivity ()
  • Support of Smart Card (PIV/PKI/CAC) Authentication

Also, the following ongoing/longer-term items:

  • Ongoing performance investments in our core data processing
    • Customers are sending more and more data to LEM, naturally, so we're investing some time in staying ahead of the curve.
  • Ongoing investments in new connector development
  • Continued customer feedback-driven fixes and updates
    • Improvements to LEM upgrades ( things like )
  • Better integration with LEM and the Orion platform products (‌)
  • Connector building, generic connectors, and general data integration (, among others)

Be sure to let us know here, and in the Log & Event Feature Requests forum, if there are features you're really keen on. This list doesn't enumerate a lot of the features we're looking into for long term development and further releases, but we continually use Thwack as our biggest source of feedback.

Level 16

Love the FIM possibilities....

Any chance for a custom connector builder?

Level 9

Yes Fim would be great.

How about snmp v3 support and secure syslog?

Level 7

A question: is File integrity monitoring only for Windows? I have a need fro FIM on AIX.....


Level 21

I think these are some great features!  Of course I can't wait to see what you guys come up with on the Connector Building side of things since that is a feature request I have made a good deal of noise about needing.  I am also really looking forward to seeing some integration with Orion and specifically SAM.

Level 21

The custom connector builder or something along those lines is a must for us.  When customers or other internal folks ask me if I can support a specific log type my answer always needs to be "yes", even if it's a "yes, but", having "no" as my answer simply isn't accepted.

Level 12


It has been around for a while, but many Clients that I work with would like better reporting. Most would be happy with some enhancements around nDepth functionality that is already there. This would include better scheduling, export types, email templates.

Best Regards,

Derik Pfeffer

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After working all aspects of IT from lab/helpdesk support to complete IT responsibility over the span of 10 years, Nicole turned Product Manager to help bring accessible IT management software to the masses. She joined SolarWinds with the acquisition of Log & Event Manager in 2011 to find it felt just like home.