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Web Help Desk 12.5 Beta 1 is now available!

Level 11

We are proud to announce that Web Help Desk (WHD) 12.5 Beta 1 is now available!!!!


The team has been working hard at producing the next release for WHD. The Beta is open to WHD customers currently on active maintenance. Your feedback on the beta is key to our development. As an added incentive, beta users who submit feedback will receive 3,000 Thwack points to buy swag at the Thwack Store.

We encourage you to sign up and run the beta through its paces, then tell us what you think by providing your feedback in the Web Help Desk Beta forum!!

Level 7

How long will Beta version be active ?

I could get a group of students to evaluate - but it would have to run at least till mid-December 2016!

Much appreciated response .  Like what I see.

Level 11

It's not slated to last out to December. Part of the decision will be determined by the beta testers feedback but I would probably bank on only a few weeks at most since we want to continue buttoning up code completion. Hope this helps,,,

Level 7

Thank you - it does clarify

We would still be looking to evaluate version of Help Desk software over the period of 12 weeks

Suggestions would be very welcomed

Level 7

Can we have a list of features and (bug) fixes already, before signing up?


Level 11

Sorry - Some of that information (Beta is really a rough draft of items that we need some feedback on) is only available upon joining. You are welcome to come on in if you are under maintenance.

Level 9

Would signing up for Beta allow us to put the beta version in a dev environment without touching production?

Level 11

Sure thing production is not required! In fact, we don't want production touched. What I was suggesting for those that wanted to test dashboards using their production data is to produce a COPY of the production DB for them to play with. Part of the reasoning behind this beta was to address scale and performance which is something we were hoping to have feedback on. We've done some testing in-house, but the true test is out in the field.

Level 11

Thanks - In case you didn't see the internal post by me - we are looking to end the Beta Sept 30th.

Level 7

From where i can get it for try?

Level 11

WHD 12.5 Beta 1 is no longer accepting new participants. Please stand by for more updates.

Alternatively, if you are interested in downloading the latest version of WHD for trial, visit