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Web Help Desk 12.1 Release Candidate Now Available!

Level 15

We have reached the Release Candidate (RC) phase for our next release, Web Help Desk 12.1. RC is the last step before general availability and is a chance for existing customers on active maintenance to get the newest functionality before it is available to everyone else. You can find the RC binaries for download in the SolarWinds customer portal.

If you have any questions I encourage you to leverage the WHD RC group on thwack:

This release contains the following product improvements and new features:

You will find the latest version on your customer portal in the Release Candidate section.

Ability to de-escalate a ticket

You can find a brand new buttons to escalate and de-escalate a ticket in ticket details section.


Process of escalating or de-escalating of ticket is following settings of Tech groups levels. After escalating or de-escalating a ticket, information icon will inform you about details how was the escalation performed.


Improved help accessibility

Apart from continuously improving documentation our goal was also make it more accessible and easier to find and use.


We added a new help button to main menu, so you can open WHD help easier from any page. We also added help buttons to particular sections of setup. These lead to chapters of help discussing particular WHD setup section, again make it easier for you to find help for the relevant part of setup.

Casper 9 support

We introduced new way how to integrate with Casper 9 and instead of connecting to database as with in previous versions, we utilize Casper API and thus there is no need for database name field anymore. Also instead of database user, you should use Casper user. Please check the tooltips in the UI of Connection Basics configuration.

[EDIT: Added new section about Casper 9 to highlight the change in method of integration.]


If you have a question about whether a case you've filed was resolved in this release or a certain feature request implemented, feel free to ping back on this post or in the RC forum and let me know - I'll be sure to look into it.

Level 12

Is there a link to the updated API information including the new asset functionality?

Level 14

They have not updated the documentation yet but here it link that is accurate for the 10.2 Beta, V11.X, and 12.0.X

Level 15

It's not online yet, but we are updating it, so it will be published soon. Stay tuned!

Level 15

We just released a RC2 for WHD 12.1 with

  • faster Casper 9 synchronization
  • different Mac OS X installer packaging (so now there is no misleading warning message)

Go ahead and download the new bits from customer portal and let us know the feedback.

Thanks in advance!

Level 13

Are these the only changes made in 12.1? No performance or bug fixes?

Level 15

We spent a lot of time on bug fixes. More detailed list will be provided in Release Notes. We also did performance improvements for example for Casper 9 integration.

Level 7

Can this be installed over the top of 12.0.1 - Build # ?


Level 14

skinnear it can be installed over 12.0.1 but please note the GA final version is now available.

Level 7

For the Casper integration, are the credentials to pull data from Casper stored in an encrypted fashion?