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Want to see some cool charts?

Level 15

Alright, so NPM 10.2 has just gone out the door and our developers already have some fun stuff to play with! We have just created the first Beta for our next release of NPM. One of the biggest changes you will notice is the new shiny charts! I know you'll want to start using these in your production environment today, but remember that betas are specficially for testing in lab environments and not for using in production (they aren't supported). If you are currently using our network monitoring software NPM, and interested in taking the beta for a spin, fill out this survey and I'll send you the download information.

Here is a brief list of the other items available in the first beta:

  • Alert enhancements for table based UnDPs
  • Native support for Alaxala and Apresia
  • Better support for international customers

To see the other items we are still working on in the next release of NPM network monitor, see .

Without further ado, new charts!

Average Response Time & Packet Loss.PNG

Min Max Average of Average CPU Load.PNG

Top CPUs by Percent Load.PNG

Some of the new charts on NPM network management software will be enabled by default during the Beta. When the next version of NPM launches, we will not turn them on by default because we are still in the process of updating all of the charts (you might notice that only a few charts are represented above). We will provide instructions to easily enable the new charts that are ready if you just can't wait. Again, if you want to see these charts in your network today, just fill out this survey!

Level 10

very cool. But I think interface utilization charts should be area it will be great !!

Level 9

Very nice, I will be waiting for them, a good step in the right direction

Level 8

since my boss likes pictures, the above graphs will surely cheer him up


Level 8

Is it going to be possible to create a chart like Top CPU % load for a particular type of service? For example , top CPU % load for all the servers and network device which are part of e-mail service?

Level 9

OK>>> Did this make it into 10.3?????

Level 7

I just upgraded to NMP 10.3 yesterday. I am very disappointed with the new charts in 10.3. In 10.2 I had no issues as they just added the new health charts and the health features are great. It let me delete a lot of the custom pollers I was using.

I hope these 10.3 charts are just an option and not planned as a replacement for the existing ones.  The new ones don't cut it in their current version if they are planning to replace them with these.

Here are my comments on what is lacking in 10.3 charts:

1) The new charts don't let you drill down and open another window.  This feature is important as the new charts you as the admin setup the default RESOURCE VIEW.

If you set it to one view (i.e. 1 month) all your users have to use that view unless you grant them MODIFY VIEW to everything and the EDIT Button is now available.

The sliding bars of the new charts are not very granular to do a custom view especially since you can't change the RESOURCE VIEW unless granted the rights in your account to modify ALL VIEWS.

I have to look back sometimes over say a two hour period that happened a couple days ago. I don't see that capability in these 10.3 graphs. Since no drill down - no custom view either.

2) I don't see any option to use Excel or PDF print outs like old charts. It was nice to export to excel or make a pdf file and send it to other people.

3) New 10.3 charts are all a washed out blue and dark blue color. The old charts you would notice when something was wrong as they showed up in red for a problem and green for up/OK.

The new charts don't work well when you are using large monitors (42-50 inch wall monitors) the blues don't show up like the old red/green.

An example: The new Interface charts use light blue for good and dark blue for packet loss.  If there is way to change the colors it would be nice or put some color back into the new graphs.

If they are going to do this with other parts applications of SolarWinds add features don't take things away. The current NTA Netflow charts are awesome, colorful and very useful.

Don't mess them up with this new format unless you can drill down and have the same color scheme..

The chart drill down is one of the best features of SolarWinds compared to some other NMS programs. Please keep it!

Level 9

I think I missed something. Are these new charts in 10.3? How would I go about enabling them?

Level 10

you can add them from customize page options, then add a new resource under "new charts" title

Level 7

Any chance of getting easily configurable Y-axis in new charts?

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