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As we’ve mentioned before, we’re building a brand new product.  One of the fun exercises that comes with a new product is naming.  Every product needs a name.  And at SolarWinds, we don’t use catchy branded names because they don’t mean anything in and of themselves, which means that it takes a lot of marketing to teach people what it is.  When that works, it’s cool, and when it doesn’t it’s embarrassing:  See iPod and Zune as examples of success and failure in that kind of naming.

Instead, we want the name to be very descriptive.  For instance, it’s quite obvious what Network Performance Monitor or Server & Application Monitor do just from the name.   You might think that such obvious names are easy to come up with.  OK.  Sometimes it is:  SolarWinds Patch Manager basically named itself.  But not always.  We’re currently working on a new product that

centralizes all of the alerts that you get across multiple vendors into a common dashboard. You can access it from anywhere, you can apply rules to the alerts (to include routing alerts to individuals and teams depending on alert type and work schedules), and you can notify users and setup escalation policies if they don’t respond in a certain period of time

I’m trying not to name it in this post.  We’re interested in hearing what you’ve got to say.   If you had a product like this, what do you think it should be named?  Please submit your suggestion(s) here. Remember, the name should tell a casual reader what the product does. We’ll take all the suggestions, plus a few of our own, and we’ll take a vote from our customer base.

What’s in it for you?   If your submission becomes the name of the product, you get the irreplaceable satisfaction of being right.  You win.  We’ll thank you publically in a blog post so everyone is aware of your undeniable cleverness.   But we’ll make sure we get you a bunch of thwack points for your contribution.


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Level 12

What ever happened with this "competition"? I'm not sure I ever noticed a blog post update on it!