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User Device Tracker 3.2.2 is Generally Available!

We're pleased to announce the availability of UDT 3.2.2 in your customer portal. 3.2.2 now includes the same version of Orion Core as in NPM 11.5.1 in addition to UDT bug fixes.

Naturally, features and improvements introduced in User Device Tracker 3.2.1 Release Candidate now available! are also present in this latest and greatest version of UDT.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Level 12

So good to see the UDT port discovery feature . Those reading or interested, this new version does require NPM 11.5.1.  Make sure you upgrade NPM first. 

Level 9

Where's the additional poller and web poller executable files???

Level 9
Level 13

Hi Marcus,

so just to confirm - your additional poller download wasn't listed on the customer portal under additional pollers section?


Level 9

Nope! It was not available during the time of my download. It was really irritating to find out there was an additional pollers and web pollers but not made available to the public due to human error. I figured it was like a previous version of UDT where it was all included. But after putting my ticket with your tech support I found out there were pollers. I even showed my tech support guy and he took a screen shot. He was shocked too. I think your release notes need to state additional pollers are needed. It kind helps with all the mistakes we have seen with the Solarwinds product in the recent year.