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User Device Tracker 3.1 is Generally available!

Dear Network Admin,

It's a pleasure for the whole User Device Tracker product team to announce that UDT 3.1 is now Generally available at the customer portal!

This latest UDT release brings some significant improvements to the existing Discovery as well as new features so let's recap what is included:

As you can see, we absorbed a lot of your feedback and we plan to continue... Therefore, please feel encouraged to submit even more feature requests so we can make the product even better!

A special thanks goes to Beta and RC takers who sacrificed a bit of their time to help us make the product more stable...

Best Regards

Peter Ksenzsigh

Level 8

I have performed the upgrade and note that not all Motorola wireless equipment is supported. Motorola RFS7000 not functional.

Level 11

It is good to see that Solarwinds is listening. MAC address to Vendor identification mapping  is one of the features I requested and i'm excited about this new release.

Level 13

Thanks for pointing out, I will have this device support checked internally.