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Level 12

In order to make the process of upgrading to NPM v11 as easy and seamless as possible, we have pulled together a number of resources to assist you.

The Benefits of Upgrading to NPM 11

  • Benefits of Upgrading to NPM 11:  In this 2-minute video, Rob Hock, SolarWinds group product manager, guides you through the newest features of NPM, deep packet inspection and analysis.

How to Deploy Packet Analysis Sensors

Level 7

Does upgrade that easy, says I need to update other moduls first, but those modules said I needed to update NPM first?

Level 19
Level 11


Have just upgraded our test server to NPM 11.0.1. Enjoying getting our feet wet with QoE. Quick question - What happened to the orion win32 tool - "Orion Service Manager" - to stop/start or quickly check status of key orion services? It has disappeared following upgrade, but no mention in release notes.


Level 7

Turns out if you are trying to view the web page off the same server as the one Orion is on, there are issues, turns out the system was working OK I just needed to view the site from another system.

Level 8

Hi Ellen,

You can still access the Orion Service Manager by going to:
Start => SolarWinds Orion => Advanced Features => Orion Service Manager

When upgrading from 10.4 to 11.0 it uninstalls the service manager and then installs it again with the updates.  That's probably why your saved links pointing to the Service Manager disappeared after upgrading to 11.0.


Level 7

Hi, I am looking to upgrade from NPM 10.5 to 11.0.1. I can't find any upgrade instructions in any documentation.

any help would be appreciated.