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Tips and Tricks: Put Your Own Logo in Your NCM Reports

Level 15

A customer asked us the other day if it was possible to put their own logo in the top of the their NCM reports. Not only is it possible, it's really, really easy. So, this is what you get in your email now: 



And as much as you like us over here at SolarWinds, you'd like to have your own company logo across the top. All you have to do is go to: 


C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Configuration Management\WebResources\Header.jpg – this is logo itself

C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Configuration Management\WebResources\Spacer.jpg – this is spacer repeater to fill-in free space at the right side from the logo


You'll find everything works best if you resize your logo file to be the same height as the file you are replacing (45 pixels). The width will take care of itself - or you might want to get creative and add additional content to the right of your logo.

Once you do this - your report will look like this. You'll see I just replaced the logo with the thwack logo. 

Easy and definitely nice to have. 

Level 8

That is great especially since for a couple of weeks this report is showing a huge header.  I believe it came with one of the NCM hot fix.  Thought the upgrading to 7.6 would fix it but it doesn't.  Looks like the report definition is adding the spacer with the wrong height value.  I just changed the header with my logo and created a spacer with the same height and it is bigger than ever on the report, surely because the original header and spacer have 35px as height and I just replaced then with 45px files.

I tried removing the spacer file but the report does not come out when the file is missing.  Tried reducing the size to 1X1 Px but still generates a gap between logo and data.

Also when displaying the html source, I see the height should be good since it is set to 35..


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><title>

            Config Change Report



        <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">


                <td><a href="http://SolarWinds.Net"><img border="0" src="cid:f152adf6-a0ca-410e-b610-5031457cc318" height="35"></a></td><td width="100%"><img border="0" src="cid:f3a472bb-f5fa-40f9-be32-d1d7201a26f3" height="35" width="100%"></td>


        </table><p style="font-family:Arial;font-size:11pt;text-align:center;"><b>Config Change Report</b></p><p

is there a way to modify the report definition to remove the use of the spacer?

- Yves

Level 8

Ok just tried something and when I copy the HTML source of the message to into an html file and display it with a browser.  the logo and spacer space are OK.  Also tried to display my message with outlook's Webmail and the message is displayed properly.

It must be an Outlook 2016 display bug.


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Christine joined the team in January ’09 and is currently a director of product marketing. She has experience in both very large and very small tech companies, and thinks that SolarWinds is just right.  She’s been in technology for about fifteen years doing project and product management. She loves Austin, but wishes CA would let us move Napa to Texas.