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Synthetic End User Monitor (SEUM) Sneak Peek

Product Manager

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NA - 7/21/2011 11AM CST 

EMEA - 7/21/2011 2PM BST 

APAC- 7/20/2011 11AM SGT 

SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor (SEUM) offers a powerful and affordable solution for monitoring business-critical web transactions from the end-user’s perspective. SEUM’s simple and flexible architecture allows you to automatically test internal and external applications from the locations that are important to you. If you have been interested in transaction monitoring, but stayed clear due to cost, complexity or lack of depth of some solutions--you don’t want to miss this! SEUM is transaction monitoring the SolarWinds way – affordable, feature rich, easy to install, easy to use, and easy to understand!

During this session we’ll discuss:

- SEUM architecture

- Internal and external application monitoring

- Deploying transaction players

- And much more!