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Storage Manager - What we are working on...

Product Manager

We are currently working on STM version 5.7 and beyond (in parallel).  Some of the items we hope to deliver:

  • Storage Manager Server and Agent health and status overview
  • Product stability improvements
  • Preservation of Agent and Server settings on upgrade
  • Improved graphs
  • User-defined LUN Grouping
  • EMC PowerPath Support
  • Better "Storage Group" Dashboards

Disclaimer:  Comments given in this forum should not be interpreted as a commitment that SolarWinds will deliver any specific feature in any particular time frame. All discussions of future plans or product roadmaps are based on the product teams intentions, but those plans can change at any time.


Level 14

We need EMC isilon support for Storage manager and also EMC Avamar support for backup profiler. Any roadmap information on these?

Product Manager
Product Manager

EMC Isilon is on our roadmap but not scheduled for a release yet.  There are no plans to implement support EMC Avamar at this time.

Level 14

What should I do for you to consider Avamar?

Level 9

Really keen to see the Isilon support soon.  Can you at least say is it a 2012 or 2013 thing?

I would like to suggest an open API so that other individuals can interface to other storage systems using various standards (if they are available) or using the storage vendors own integartion tools (or even scripts if absolutely necessary). I work with 10 other storage vendors NOT on the list and it is too much to ask for them all to be included. Just monitoring port IO on the SAn is not good enough.

In addtion, backup storage vendors which include de-duplication is an ever important part of the puzzle today - vendors such as EMC DataDomain, Quantum DXi and ExaGrid should be looked into.

Level 14

End to end visualization support is not working without agent. We need agentless support for this feature! It is on the roadmap?

Level 7

Do you have anything in the pipeline to support the NexSan E series devices?



Level 7

Do you have plans to integrate with Nimble storage? We own a CS260G that we would like to see integrated into Storage Manager along with our EMC SANs.

Level 7

Can we have more granularity on the reporting features... seems like all i have to choose from for report parameters is:

six hours

24 hours

7 days

30 days

12 weeks

6 months

12 months

Level 9

Will the support for OnTAP 8 cover the full OnTAP 8.1 Cluster Mode, or will it only be improved support for OnTAP 8 "7 Compatibility" Mode?

Level 8

Will there be any new reports where we can see what the growth of a datastore is over a period of time for example.

Level 14

Any update on "End-to-End Visualization - show a visualization of each data path, with drill downs to associated paths." ıt has been a year.

Level 14
Level 11

For me, the best thing SW could add is support for other MySQL DB engines - TokuDB or InnoDB. STM is used to monitor SANs in an enterprise environment, but the product itself has no redundancy (failover) and uses the MyISAM DB engine which is not ACID compliant. Not sure how big the average DB is for most users, but mine is over 300GB and growing. Any upgrades to STM takes 12-24 hours due to the required myisamchk. Myisamchk is single threaded. Even allocating maximum memory to all the myisamchk buffers (36GB out of 64GB), the process still takes 12-14 hours. Not sure when it became acceptable to have 12-24 hours of down time.  Don't get me wrong.  I love the product - when it's working, and always appreciate the new features - Just need a DB engine to match STM's capabilities.

Level 10

What are the plans for proper Orion integration (UI, alerts, node-centric STM data etc.)?

Also, are there plans to support Tintri arrays?

Level 10

@bmrad: any updates?

Level 10

It's disappointing that there is so little activity from the PMs in this blog. What's happening with STM?

Level 14

STM, WPM, UDT etc. share the same fate.

Level 14

HI Stefan,

STM is under active development. The What We're Working on Post (this thread) was updated a few months ago, but because of the way Jive (the Thwack platform works) it only reflects the original post date, not the last edit date. I put up this Product Blog post in January - Storage Manager 5.7 Beta 1 - and keep your eyes peeled for a new post on Beta 2 shortly. Thanks!

Level 10

Cheers Dan, eyes are firmly peeled (stings a little, but I'm ok ).

Level 10

HERE HERE! You guys need to add in Nimble Storage Support!