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Speed-up the creation and maintenance of your NCM device templates!

Level 15

I am excited to share with you a great utility that should help you creating (and sharing) device templates for your NCM 6.1!

This utility is basically a wizard-looking assistant that will guide you through the creation of new device templates or to modify an existing template. This first version deals with downloads only, but if the community likes it, we’ll improve it.

It hides from you some of the complex syntaxes that we have to deal with, when designing a device template and it outputs the template file.

Once created, all you have to do is:

  • test your new template in NCM (the utility has a test feature, but ultimately, the objective is to have NCM performing your typical tasks based on this template, e.g. config backup)
  • share your new templates with the rest of the NCM community here

Here are a few snapshots of this utility…







I can’t wait, where is the utility?



Just unzip and copy the 3 files in any directory on the machine that has NCM 6.1 installed (NCM is required).

The 3 files need to remain in the same directory.

Execute the “SolarWinds.NCM.TemplateAssistant” executable.


We believe the utility is simple enough to be used without documentation, but these tips might help you getting started:

  • Before starting, have available the basic information that is needed for the device, e.g. system OID, RESET command, download configuration steps, and version commands.
  • Use the admin guide on creating templates to better acquaint yourself with template needs and how to gather the information needed for template creation.
    Those are described in the NCM Users Guide on page 71 (type-in 85 in the PDF reader page navigator area):
  • Start with opening one of the existing templates vs. creating a new one from scratch. They are located in this NCM directory by default:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Configuration Management\DeviceTypes
  • The information required for the utility to create the template may require you to be familiar with the NCM “macros”. Those are described in the NCM Users Guide on page 83 (type-in 97 in the PDF reader page navigator area):

You can also look at this video illustrating basic usage of the assistant.


As you have noticed, this utility is provided on Thwack, therefore it is provided “as-is” and is not supported.

Please find here a reminder of the EULA for all Thwack content:

However, we would be happy to hear your comments and feedback. Please post as responses to this blog, and we will improve the utility on a “best effort” basis!

About the Author
Francois has joined the SW product management team in Dec 2010. He has been in the network management space for about 15 years, first in a startup company, then in one of the big 4 and back to a human-size company. Despite his bizarre accent, he is a decent guy to talk to.