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SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer + Database Performance Monitor: Better Together

Product Manager

On December 11, 2019 we announced the acquisition of VividCortex, which specializes in SaaS-delivered database performance management. VividCortex focuses on cloud-native applications along with open-source databases such as PostgreSQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB. The customer base for VividCortex reads like a who’s who of leading SaaS and online commerce including Shopify, DraftKings, and Okta.

This week we launched SolarWinds® Database Performance Monitor (DPM)—new name, same great technology.

For those of you who are customers of Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), the past twelve months have seen three major product releases introducing anomaly detection powered by machine learning, tuning advisors, and a new RESTful management API, among many other new features.

Bringing DPM into the fold allows SolarWinds to double down on the important database performance management market. With DPA, we helped define the market by focusing on wait-time analysis while DPM provides a simple, yet powerful SaaS-based dashboard approach to database performance management with before-and-after comparisons and comprehensive database health monitoring.

Now that we have these market-leading products under the same roof, we plan to aggressively deliver new features and drive innovation in both products, and don’t be surprised if you see features from one product popping up in the other.

No matter which product you have, the addition of DPM to the SolarWinds family is a win for all our customers. For DPA customers, stay tuned to “What We’re Working on for DPA” in 2020 as we move forward with exciting product releases. We’ll be adding a “What We’re Working on for DPM” soon.

As the product leader for both products, I’ve never been more excited. We’ll continue to share with you our progress as we move into 2020. I hope you feel the same as I do with VividCortex—now Database Performance Monitor—in the SolarWinds database performance management family.

Craig McDonald

Vice President - Database Products


I'm glad to see the expansion of this monitoring. Database performance is such a critical element of any network.

Level 8

Who is the audience for DPM? We previously used your DPA product but stooped once we moved our primary SQL Server DB's from on prem to the software vendors cloud. While we do have access via SQL Server login that is the DBO and we have a few additional privileges that allow us to use the SQL Server Profiler tool we don't have SA level access and so we can't use DPA and thus abandoned the tool. Is DPM something a company like mine could use or does it require some level of admin level access either to SQL server or the Windows Sr ever hosting the DB's you want to monitor?

Product Manager
Product Manager

DPM is aimed at developers, SREs and DBA's who need database and system health monitoring for open source and NoSQL along with query tuning and optimization. I'm curious as to how long ago you used DPA because it has had support for Azure SQL Database since DPA 11 in 2017 (and we support other databases running in Azure).  We added support for Azure SQL Database Managed instance in DPA 2019.4 last year. We also have very broad support for AWS including Aurora and RDS. Regarding your question on DPM,  it supports PostgreSQL, MySQL Redis and MongoDB along with Aurora/RDS.

You can find DPA in the Azure marketplace and the AWS marketplace.

Level 8

When we last used DPA it supported Azure we however do not use Azure nor does the vendor who's accounting software use who know hosts our DB in their cloud.  In this case the "cloud" refers to a SQL Server Instance running on Windows Server that we access remotely. Our access is limited to a SQL Login that is the DBO and a handful of SQL logins that are members of the DBO group. We do not have the ability to install/use anything server side. In that limited scenario does DPM offer us anything? 

Product Manager
Product Manager

No, DPM does not support SQL Server.  DPA doesn't have to run on the server the application is running on. You should be able to use DPA today for the scenario that you described since DPA is agent less and simply needs credentials to login to the database instance to collect data.

Level 20

I really like DPA but dang if you have a lot of servers and databases it can really add up the $$$.  For some things I've seen moving DPA license around between databases and not having it installed for them all at the same time.  It's an option.  I love the licensing model though.  Many of us wish SEM was licensed like DPA.

The DBAs that I work with LOVE this tool and I love that it is pretty much seamless to update.  

About the Author
Let me introduce myself.  My name is Craig McDonald, and I come from the land of video games and stock trading, sprinkled with identity management, and, by the way, I like to write.  Checkered past, you say?  How did you end up in network management, you ask?  Perfectly valid questions; I will connect the dots for you and it will all make sense shortly. I studied journalism at the University of Texas at Austin where I had the opportunity to write for The Daily Texan and Texas Monthly.  Upon graduation I was faced with two options: move to a small town and start my career at an even smaller newspaper, or make a home in Austin and see where this crazy tech town would take me.  I chose the latter, and ended up working in support and managing QA for a popular MMORPG called Ultima Online (this was before WoW was a sparkle in Blizzard's eye). After a few years of policing the haXXorZ, overseeing a few in-game weddings, and shipping several expansion skus, I decided it was time for a change.  I remember the advice from one of my journalism professors when I asked about pursuing a graduate degree; his suggestion, "Go to business school!"  I heeded his advice, got accepted to the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, and started working on my MBA. While finishing my MBA at McCombs, I was presented with an opportunity to work for a company that developed online trading software (Charles Schwab, formerly CyberTrader).  This may seem a stretch from video games, but the client/server infrastructure and the uptime requirements for an MMORPG and a securities trading engine are quite similar.  Although the content and use cases are obviously very different, both require fast connections and the ability to allow users to log into the service at any time.  My next career move was into the enterprise software arena where I worked as a product manager for Sun Microsystems in the Identity Management space. Fast forward to today, I'm your newest product manager at SolarWinds.  I will be managing Toolset, VoiP, and eventually the Kiwi products.  Outside of the SolarWinds 'Borg' (assimilation is swift and definitive), I keep busy with my lovely wife, two beautiful kiddos, and a pug named Marley.  When they go to bed, I'm either watching a movie, reading a book (working on Atlas Shrugged, and it is work, indeed), or staring at the red circle of death on my XBOX 360.