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Server & Application Monitor 5.2 RC Now Available

Product Manager

The wait is finally over. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor 5.2 Release Candidate is now available to all existing SAM customers under active maintenance. Simply sign up here to get your hands on the bits.

In my previous blog posts I covered several major new features included as part the SAM 5.2 release. These features include native support for monitoring Microsoft® Hyper-V from Orion's Virtualization tab alongside existing VMware® assets. In the same blog, I also covered the new Application Template Editor. This new editor is not only much faster and easier to use, it also features multi-edit for mass component monitor configuration changes. Later, I posted another tease that highlighted the new chart resources, which now include warning and critical thresholds as well as a new trend line to provide context to the information being collected and displayed. Lastly, I touched on the new Event Log Message Details resource. This new resource enhances the existing Windows Event Log Monitor by providing the full detail of the matching Windows Event Log Messages within the Component Details view, as well as allowing this information to be included as part of an alert..

Microsoft Hyper-V Host DetailsMulti-Edit Template EditorNew Chart ResourcesEvent Log Message Details
Hyper-V Host.pngTemplate Editor.pngSAM 5.2 New Charts.pngWindows Event Log Details.png

Now some might say these features alone more than constitute a respectable release, but there's still plenty more cool new features jam packed into the SAM 5.2 RC.

Hardware Health Summary Resource

Hardware Health Overview.png

The SAM 5.0 release introduced server hardware health monitoring for Dell PowerEdge, HP Proliant, and IBM X-Series servers. But one thing that was missing in that release was a simple way of rolling all that information up into a single, easy to digest view. In SAM 5.2 we sought to rectify that issue by including a new Hardware Health Overview resource that can be found on the Summary Home view. At a glance, this new resource allows you to see any server hardware issues and quickly drill down to see precisely what the issue is. This is remarkably similar to how you currently use the Application Health Overview resource.

In this release we also included numerous improvements to server hardware health monitoring. The most notable improvement is the increased support for additional hardware components; specifically, IBM's MegaRAID Controllers, and Dell PERC Array Controller batteries. We also made improvements to our HP Power Supply and Memory Module monitoring for newer Proliant servers.

LSI MegaRAID.png

Real Time Process Explorer Enhancements

The Real-Time Process Explorer (RTPE), also introduced in SAM 5.0, provides the ability for Systems Administrators to get a real time perspective on how server resources are being utilized and quickly isolate rogue processes.

We took feedback from numerous customers during our usability studies, then incorporated these features into the SAM 5.2 release. These features include two new optional fields of information that can be displayed in the RTPE which display the username and command line arguments for all running process.

By including the Username with other pertinent information displayed in the RTPE window, administrators of multi-user systems such as Citrix® and Terminal Services can easily identify, not only the application consuming excessive resources, but also the user who's running that application.

With the inclusion of the processes command line arguments administrators can for example, quickly isolate which of multiple instances of Apache's httpd, or Java is leaking memory, or has become a runaway process.

There's still plenty of other new features I haven't yet touched on, but I welcome and encourage all existing APM/SAM customers under active maintenance to sign up now to download the SAM 5.2 Release Candidate. Please note that release candidates are fully supported and can be used in your production environment.


Level 14

I asked for this over in the NTA RC forum too, but thought it makes sense to post here as not everyone has NTA but everyone is getting the new charts.

Is there a chance we can get the ability to customize the colors on the new charts?  The new colors are very monotone and not easily distinguishable IMO.

Product Manager
Product Manager

John, your feature request has been logged internally under FB114749.

Level 14

After re-reading my comment, I once again realize it sounds kinda negative.

Sooooo, let me just say I LOVE the NEW CHARTS.

Level 12

I agree, but wont be using them until the functionality matches the existing ones (resizing, exporting data etc)

Level 14

HA!  I was so dazzled by the mouse overs I missed ripping Solarwinds apart for not having resizing and data exporting

One other thing I noticed - the number of data points one can fit on a chart for the same period of time is less with the new charts than with the old.

Level 15

Although we've made a lot of progress on the charts we definitively aren't done yet. If you are interested in trying out the NPM 10.4 Beta 2 I think you'll be happy to see more progress in these specific areas (customize chart page).

To participate in the NPM beta, please fill out this survey: SolarWinds NPM 10.4 Beta Survey

Level 12

@jspanitz, was hardly ripping them apart, just saying that as much as I like the new graphs there are still limitations that stop me from implementing them in a production env.

@mavturner nice, I have downloaded the Beta, hope to get it installed later this week!

Level 14

PeterLyttle - I wasn't trying to imply you were ripping them apart.  That was meant as a reference to my previous posts were I was saying I was being negative.

I had hoped the face at the end would convey my toung in cheek humor.  So far I've been very dismal at conveying tone in email.  My apologies.  I'll stick with tech and skip the attempts at humor.