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Presenting the Web Performance Monitor (WPM) 2.2 Beta!

Product Manager

Here at SolarWinds we've been working overtime on another update to Web Performance Monitor (WPM), only a few short months after our release of WPM 2.1. I am pleased to announce that the result of our efforts, WPM 2.2, has reached beta status. Now is your chance to install the latest version and provide us your feedback on the newest features. We remain committed to constantly improving WPM and your beta participation and feedback guarantees that we are making improvements that are beneficial to our users.

To participate in the beta, simply fill out this survey and we will send you the download links as soon as they’re ready.

Below is an overview of the newest features you’ll see in WPM 2.2.

1. New AppStack Integration

The AppStack environment is a new feature that we’re very excited about here at SolarWinds. It provides users an overview of their entire environment in a single, easily digestible view – from storage arrays all the way up to the applications consuming the data they house. As a part of the AppStack formula, transactions managed by WPM as well as their dependencies can easily be viewed and any issues diagnosed.

To give an example of where the magic of AppStack + WPM would shine, let's say you get an alert that your WPM transaction has failed and users are beginning to call with complaints. From the AppStack view below, you can quickly glance to determine if the issue lies in your storage, server, web application, virtualization, or elsewhere. Knowing this allows you to focus your remediation efforts right away, decreasing the time to resolution.

Check out a recent blog post for more information about our new AppStack and the screenshot below of what you can expect to see.


2. New Web-Based Alerting

By popular demand, web-based alerting is now ready to go with WPM. To be clear, for us that doesn’t mean simply moving alerts to the web. With WPM 2.2, you’ll see a whole new alerting engine built from the ground up. The update won’t affect the alerting functionality you’re used to; instead, it will give you increased functionality and control when creating transaction alerts. All said, that means you’ll be able get more out of your existing WPM transactions by making the data it generates more actionable. Lots of functionality with this so you'll have to dig in to see more, but a sneak peek of the UI is below and check out a recent blog post that gives an overview of the new features.


3. Step Dependencies

WPM 2.1 brought you dependencies at the transaction level. That meant that you were able to set resource dependencies to transactions as a whole. However, we started to see that users had different dependencies on the various, individual steps of a transaction. With WPM 2.2, we’re letting you take that one step farther (pun intended) - you’ll now be able to drill down even deeper by setting dependencies on the transaction step level.

A quick example. Let's say you have a web transaction that includes various dependencies across the different steps of the transaction - e.g. you're an e-commerce site with a dependency in the first step on checking inventory from an inventory system, a dependency in the second step on routing shipping through a shipping system, and a dependency in the final step on posting a sale to a sales system. Before step dependencies, all three of these systems would have been dependent at the transaction level. That meant if any single step of the transaction were to fail, you would get a warning that any one of those systems might be a potential cause for the transaction failure - you wouldn't know where to start. Now, with step dependencies, WPM 2.2 can tell you based on which step of the transaction failed the exact dependency that is the root cause. The result is more focused alerting, thus a more focused response and a quicker time to resolution.

This granularity of control is why we're excited to provide step dependencies and why we think they'll be valuable to our users. Check out a screenshot below where you can see individual transaction steps on the left and a VM node step dependency for the first step.


So there you have it – WPM 2.2. Be sure to fill out the beta survey to be included and if you have any feedback, leave it here. We’re working hard on making WPM better and your beta participation and feedback goes a long way in our being able to do that.

- the WPM product team

Level 11

The install was nice and easy, I think my main comment is that by default it would be nice to hide categories that are empty if at least one has content, as it takes up a lot of screen space by default. This is something our support teams are often concerned about, column space that's wasted is a big concern. We also deployed an location to AWS and that worked with no issues.

Looking forward to were the product goes, Pingdom integration would be really nice. Also being able to record external IP's for a node so that the matching up with at least some transactions would be very nice.

Level 10

Do you have any plans to support multiple browser monitoring? It would be very helpful to compare issues in IE. vs. Chrome, v.s Firefox...