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Performance Optimization for Every Database Instance

Level 10

Yesterday we announced a big change about how we license and price SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA).

DPA is a tool that has helped thousands of organizations improve application performance and fix problems for which it was very hard to find a root cause. Since I joined SolarWinds five months ago, I have heard many times from customers, “This is the best tool I have used.” With the licensing changes, we want to expand the number of teams that can take advantage of DPA.

First, we are aligning DPA licensing with how IT organizations are evolving. Traditionally, enterprise software has been licensed per core. Virtualization, cloud and modern microprocessor technologies have made the concept of core ambiguous or irrelevant. So we’ve transitioned DPA to a 100% instance-based licensing model for all our supported databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and IBM DB2. With instance-based licensing, we’ve eliminated the complexity of figuring out how many cores are supporting a database.

We are making our award-winning performance analysis tool both more affordable for a larger group of customers with smaller database installments as well as larger IT organizations with thousands of databases. Quite simply, we lowered the price.

We’ve seen our larger customers wanting to reach 100% monitoring coverage across all their environments. Instead, many have to pick and choose to monitor their most critical production instances because of cost restraints. The new pricing model enables large IT organizations to deploy DPA across both physical and virtual machines as well as production, test and development environments.

DPA for SQL Server and Oracle Standard Edition now starts at $1995 per instance (and goes down based on volume). DPA for Oracle Enterprise Edition, Sybase and DB2 starts at $3495 per instance. These prices include the first year of maintenance.

With this new licensing and pricing model, SolarWinds is delivering on its promise to make IT management simple and affordable for our customers.

Learn more about SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer.


Level 9

curious ..

after paying for the license for the first year

a client decides that they do not want to renew

what will happen with their installation?

will it stop working


loose access to support and updates?


Level 10

Hi Nicolas,

The latter. DPA is sold as a perpetual license. The price includes the first year of maintenance. This means you will be able to use the product independently of your maintenance status. Maintenance gives you access to updates and new versions of the product and to support.



Level 9

the initial purchase in the first year will be higher than subsequent yearly renewals.

is that correct?


Level 14

Budget 20% of the purchase price for maintenance renewals annually.  That is pretty standard.

Level 10

Correct. Standard maintenance price for DPA is 20% of list price

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Former Product Marketing leader at SolarWinds. Software guy.