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Orion NPM vNext Sign Up for Beta & – Tell us what you think on the feature Multi-CPU Polling

Product Manager

As we posted here some time back, there are many great new features we are working on for the next version of NPM.  We are currently wrapping up a successful Beta1 with a set of customers and are just about to enter into Beta 2 in the coming weeks. 

First, I would like to invite and encourage any NPM customers with active maintenance to sign up to participate in Beta 2 and give us feedback.  The earlier we get feedback, the more tweaks and changes we can incorporate into the product, plus you get to play with the new stuff early 🙂  If you are interested in Beta 2, you can sign up here.

For those of you that don’t have the bandwidth to participate in the beta, I wanted to walk through one of the new features in this release and allow you to give us some feedback via the blog as well.

So first, what’s going to be available in Beta 2?

  • IPv6 Support – ability to poll and monitor IPv6 nodes just like you can today with IPv4
  • SNMPv3 Trap Support – ability for Orion to receive & send SNMPv3 traps
  • Multi-CPU Polling – the ability to poll and visualize multi-CPU machine in Orion (see below)
  • Windows Server Polling (non SNMP) – since SNMP is not on by default on Windows, this now gives users the option to discover and poll Windows machines using WMI
  • Improved Topology (more accurate ConnectNow) – we are removing the dependency that Network Sonar must be used to gather topology, it will now be a polling job.  Also we have greatly improved the accuracy of L2 topology and added in L3 support.
  • Network Atlas performance improvements – faster loading of maps in the web console
  • Procurve 420 support – more out of the box Wireless support

If you can’t participate in the Beta, no worries, we will have a Beta 3 as well, so maybe then.

I wanted to take the rest of this post to discuss and get feedback on one of the items listed above, multi-CPU polling.  This is one of the smaller features, but cool none the less. 

How it works today for multi-CPU machines is we gather all the values, but then average them and that is what you see displayed in reports, charts, gauges etc.

As of the next version, you will be able to report, alert and visualize these types of machines by CPU.  So we do not plan to take away any of the existing resources, reports etc.  You will still have the gauge that does the average and the Min, Max and Average CPU Utilization chart.  What we will be adding is two new resources, as illustrated below in the first image, that will break out each CPU’s usage over time in a chart, but also the current value in a table format. 

Also, on the node details resource, we will add a row, as highlighted in the second image, that lists out how many CPU’s that machine has.  This new feature will not only work for Windows, as shown in the screenshot, but also other server OS’s and network gear.





About the Author
I have currently been at SolarWinds for a little over three years and have been in the IT technology field for about 10 years either as an Engineer/IT Admin or working for a software company to help makes those folks lives easier.  I graduated from Texas A&M University with an MIS degree from the Business School and have been in Austin for about 8 years.