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Orion NPM – So what’s up next?

Level 21

The NPM team is busy at work on a number of highly requested enhancements:

  • Web performance improvements
    • General tweaks and enhancements to web console
  • Improve Orion product/module integration user flow
    • Enhance UI navigation linking together data between products and more intuitive layout of data on pages
  • Improved View Management/Graphical Reporting
    • Usability enhancements on creating new Views or Dashboards within the Orion web console and scheduling those to be delivered as reports to end users
  • User Audit Trail Tracking
    • Ability to determine who did what and when in the Orion system. e.g. add node, delete node, add interface etc.
  • SNMPv3 traps
    • Ability to receive not only SNMPv1 or v2 traps, but also SNMPv3 traps.
    • IPv6 Support
      • Ability to add and poll device via IPv4 or IPv6
    • Internationalization
      • Stronger support for users installing and running NPM on non-English operating system

    PLEASE NOTE:  We are working on these items based on this priority order, but this is NOT a commitment that all of these enhancements will make the next release.  We are working on a number of other smaller features in parallel.   If you have comments or questions on any of these items (e.g. how would it work?) or would like to be included in a preview demo, please let us know!

    About the Author
    I have currently been at SolarWinds for a little over three years and have been in the IT technology field for about 10 years either as an Engineer/IT Admin or working for a software company to help makes those folks lives easier.  I graduated from Texas A&M University with an MIS degree from the Business School and have been in Austin for about 8 years.