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Now announcing General Availability for Database Performance Analyzer 9.0

Level 11

It is our extreme pleasure to announce Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 9.0 is generally availability.

Below is a quick summary of the features, but check out these two blog posts for all the details:

Top features in this release include:

  • Storage I/O Analysis

o   Determine if your slow queries are related to storage

o    See latency and throughput of specific files and correlate these to SQL statements

o   Clear visibility of storage performance and its effect on SQL response time

  • Resource Metrics Baselines

o   Determine if your resources are behaving abnormally and correlate them to SQL statements.

  • SQL Statement Analysis and Advice

o    Get expert advice on specific SQL statements

  • Database File/Drive tab for SQL Server (with continued support for Oracle)

o   Use the File and Drive dimensions to isolate poor performance

  • Alerting Improvements

o   Resource Metric Alerts

o   Alerting Blackouts

  • New Version Support
    • MS SQL Server 2014
    • Oracle 12c (single-tenant)
    • DB2 10.5

Want more information on DPA and this release?