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New Kid on the (Storage) Block

Product Manager

You probably have heard by now, but SolarWinds has a new product that gives you insight into your storage, virtualization infrastructure and backups, all from a single pane of glass – Profiler. But as an Orion customer, you might ask what can I do with Profiler? 

Focusing on storage, here are a number of ways Profiler can help you understand and optimize your environment:

  • One view for all your storage:  Look across all your storage and know how it configured, where it is allocated and how much is used. 

  • End-to-End Mapping:  Tired of keeping your LUN to server spreadsheet up to date in a virtual world?  We do that automatically for iSCSI, FC and NFS connectivity – all in a single report! 

  • Reclaim storage: Find unallocated LUNs on your arrays and unformatted or underused storage on your servers.  

  • Find files:  Profiler can categorize your storage by type, age and ownership and then show you the details of the files - find all those MP3 stashes eating up your space!

  • Forecast the future: Look at growth rates at all levels of your storage (Array, Datastore, File System) so you can understand how much storage your are going to need in the year (or two or three). 
  • Tier your storage: Review the performance of your arrays and LUNs, so you know what kind of storage you need to meet your needs.  iSCSI vs. FC vs. NFS? Fast Disk vs. slow disk?  All the data you need is in Profiler.

    So now you know some of the things you can do with Profiler right out of the box, future posts will drill down into grouping, reporting and  alerting, and give you a preview of things to come.

    About the Author
    Ok, so I have been a geek for a long time, went to UT finally ended up at a startup, Tek-Tools where we built a monitoring and reporting product for Servers, Backups, Storage and Applications. In Jan 2010, Solarwinds bought Tek-Tools, and I was added to the PM team. When my mind actually wonders from making our products better, I am generally spending time with my family, reading, watching sports, arguing politics or tinkering with stuff (it can always be made better), with the occasional camping trip thrown in for good measure.