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New Geek Speak webcast available: “WAN Analysis Best Practices and Technologies”

Level 15



WANs or Wide Area Networks are some of the most important networks that we manage today. WANs make up the connections that link our sites together, connect us to the internet, and are usually the ones that cost us the most money. As a result, we’re always trying to increase WAN performance and optimize our investments in this area.

During this webcast we’ll discuss best practices and technologies for analyzing WAN optimization and performance. Some of what we’ll discuss will include:

  • Understanding flow based technologies like NetFlow, jFlow, SFlow, and IPFIX
  • Leveraging Cisco IP SLA
  • Measuring performance through WAN optimization technologies and load balancers
  • Best practices for leveraging all of the above

Also during this webcast we’ll demonstrate how each of these technologies is used and discuss the data made available through them.

About the Author
Francois has joined the SW product management team in Dec 2010. He has been in the network management space for about 15 years, first in a startup company, then in one of the big 4 and back to a human-size company. Despite his bizarre accent, he is a decent guy to talk to.