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New 2020.2 Security Products are Now Generally Available

Product Manager

The SolarWinds® product management team is happy to announce the general availability of the new 2020.2 version of three security products. Every product has new features available in this release. Download now through your Customer Portal and

Security Event Manager (SEM)

Navigate and analyze your historical events with the new interactive histogram and new query builder. Click to drill down to when the most events are occurring and quickly filter the critical events affecting your environment. Manage your connector profiles and users in the new HTML5 interface. See the SEM 2020.2 blog post for all the details. 

Access Rights Manager (ARM)

Monitor events in Azure Active Directory (AAD) and use the new web timeline view to analyze events from several sources. Let data owners review AD group memberships with the new recertification functionality. Analyze, report, and manage access rights and team memberships on Microsoft Teams. Forward health status events, operational issues, and activity events via Syslog. See the ARM 2020.2 blog post for all the details. 

Server Configuration Monitor (SCM)

Monitor your databases for structure and permission changes using OOTB profiles.  Monitor file attributes for changes. Assign credentials when polling files, scripts and database elements. See the SCM 2020.2 blog post for all the details. 

What's Next

The SolarWinds product team is constantly looking ahead to build world class monitoring solutions to solve your monitoring woes. Watch and subscribe to What We Are Working On to get an updated view on what's next for the Orion Platform and its modules. Let us know how we're doing and what we can be delivering to keep you ahead of the curve.

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Level 20

Awesome news on new SEM going going release.  Connector profiles in the HTML5 interface is great addition!


About the Author
Ok, so I have been a geek for a long time, went to UT finally ended up at a startup, Tek-Tools where we built a monitoring and reporting product for Servers, Backups, Storage and Applications. In Jan 2010, Solarwinds bought Tek-Tools, and I was added to the PM team. When my mind actually wonders from making our products better, I am generally spending time with my family, reading, watching sports, arguing politics or tinkering with stuff (it can always be made better), with the occasional camping trip thrown in for good measure.