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NCM 7.3 Architecture and Deployment

Level 18

This post is an update of the NCM 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 Architecture and Deployment blog post and focuses on the differences introduced in Network Configuration Manager (NCM) 7.3.

NCM 7.3 architecture is different from the previous versions as we have taken two important steps towards complete integration with other Orion modules:

  • NCM and Core/NPM databases have been merged. (See Network Configuration Manager v7.3 is Now GA! for full list of benefits.)
  • Deployment scenario where NCM is integrated with NPM but installed on a separate server is no longer supported.
    This kind of deployment was a temporary step between NCM 6.x (and older) and NCM 7.x with additional poller support. As NCM 7.1 was released in Q3'2012, this installation scenario is no longer supported.

Standalone Deployment

  • Choose this deployment if you only have NCM or if you want it completely non-integrated to any other Orion-based product.
  • Other SolarWinds products can be installed and integrated to a standalone NCM at a later time.
  • Node, User Account and Syslog & Trap Management rely on Orion Platform (a.k.a. Core) components. NCM also benefits from Network Atlas.
  • NCM and Orion Platform rely on Microsoft SQL Server database which can be co-hosted or installed on separate server. The diagrams below show these two options:

73-SP.png               73-SP-DB.png

Integrated Deployment

  • Choose this deployment if you want to have NCM integrated with the rest of your Orion-based products (NPM, SAM, UDT, IPAM, VNQM, etc.).
  • In this case, the Web UI is always integrated, i.e. Home/Network and Configs tabs appear side by side in the Web interface. Note that it is possible to configure NPM users to have no visibility of the NCM tab and resources by using the NCM User Account setting NCM Role=None. See NCM admin guide section “Setting User Account Access” for details.
  • NCM 7.3 can be co-hosted with NPM 10.7 and higher.
  • The options for MS SQL database are the same as with the Standalone deployment type.


Integrated Separate Server Deployment

This scenario is no longer supported.


Multi-Poller Deployment

Multi-Poller Standalone

  • This is the configuration for NCM standalone, leveraging multiple polling engines.


Multi-Poller Integrated

  • This is the configuration for NCM integrated with NPM (and/or other Orion modules), leveraging multiple polling engines.
  • The polling engines are shared by NCM and the other Orion modules.


Further Reading