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Mobile Admin for NPM, SAM and More!

Level 14

Users have found Mobile Admin incredibly useful for managing a wide-range of IT administration functions from resetting passwords in Active Directory while out to dinner to restarting VM's from their bedsides. But many SolarWinds customers have long cried out for the ability to monitor and manage their other Orion products from a user friendly native app. Well, we've listened to your requests and are now releasing Mobile Admin 8.0 with support for SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, Server and Application Monitor, Network Configuration Manager, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, and User Device Tracker! Now some of you may recall macnugetz great post a few months back walking you through the support for Network Performance Monitor in Mobile Admin. Well, I'm happy to let you know that we've deepened support for Network Performance Monitor while also broadening it to the other products in the Orion family.

Rather than describe in words all the integration that our development team has built into the product, I thought I'd demonstrate by taking a look at how integration with Server and Application Monitor can help you track down and resolve issues in your environment while on the go:

A Mobile Walk Through Server and Application Monitor

1) Once you've setup Mobile Admin to monitor your installation of SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor, go into the SolarWinds service:

12-4-2012 11-21-59 PM.png

2) Dive into "Applications with Problems" guessed it...see your applications with problems

11-29-2012 5-41-47 PM.png12-3-2012 10-05-40 PM.png

3) I see that there is a problem with the Sharepoint 2007 server LAB-SHAREPOINT.lab.tex so I dive in for more information:

12-3-2012 10-06-00 PM.png

4) I get a little bit of information here, but I can dive even deeper by launching the menu and selecting Components:

12-3-2012 10-06-15 PM.png12-3-2012 10-06-37 PM.png

5) I see that a number of my Component Monitors are down, some of them are up and others are in an unknown state. From here I can drill down into any component monitor to get even more information. For example, if I click on the "Single-sign On" monitor:

12-3-2012 10-07-03 PM.png

6) It appears that this monitor has never collected successfully. Now, here's the magic: While in the Server and Application Monitor, I am only 1-click away from fixing the issue on the actual node having problems. I simply go back to the menu and select "Open Node in Mobile Admin"

12-3-2012 10-07-33 PM.png12-3-2012 10-07-57 PM.png

7) When you open the node in Mobile Admin, I can launch any service available to me on that node. I can restart the server, ping it to see if it's responding, run debugging or configuration scripts or simply launch RDP, Telnet, VNC, or SSH sessions to debug the machine directly. And all of this power is in the palm of your hand, from your phone or tablet (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, iPad, Kindle Fire), wherever, whenever you are.

Just one more thing....

That's just a simple example of what's available within Mobile Admin. Obviously within this limited space, I can't go through all the cool integration we've built in detail. However, one of our intrepid developers built this handy flowchart that shows all the integration at a very high level (Thanks Vacek!):


I hope you'll explore all the new features available in Mobile Admin v8.0 for yourself! Mobile Admin 8.0 is available for download now in your Customer Portal for customers on active maintenance. I'd also love your feedback on how to improve integration with other SolarWinds services in the future!

Level 12

My company is not a Mobile Admin customer but I have evaluated the product.  I did share my reasons for not purchasing with our Sales Rep but thought I would provide them here as well.

I use our one Orion NPM/SAM environment for both developing new monitors and testing monitor configurations in a "Lab" environment setting and also for monitoring nodes in a "Live" environment.  In addition, I have the ability to assign nodes to a "Demo" environment for showing the monitoring abilities to our customers. To accomplish this I created several customer fields which are referenced when determining who should have access to particular nodes and receive related alerts.  With Mobile Admin, every alert for every node (Lab, Demo or Live) is delivered to all MA users.  Without the ability to filter the alerts going to MA, the product could not be used in our environment.

In addition, I have set up our alert rules so that they repeat until acknowledged.  The timing of the repeats depends on the severity of the alert.  The issues also escalates to a manager if the alert is not acknowledged within a severity-based amount of time.  One of the big reasons for considering MA was so that staff could acknowledge Orion alerts while away from their office.  The ability to resolve the issues by accessing the nodes through MA is great and in many cases this will stop the alerting when the trigger resets.  However for those cases where the resolution will take more time to resolve, acknowledging the alert is key to stopping the repeat alert notifications.  MA, at that time, did not have the ability to acknowledge alerts and I did not see any mention that this has been added in MA 8.

With every product the features are governed by the market.  We understand that these are needs we have and therefore had to evaluate whether we could live with not having the above abilities or find a different way to accomplish what we want while remote.  While we have not implemented a solution yet, we did make the decision to not go with MA based on the above.  If these features were added into the MA product, we would likely re-evaluate the product.

Thanks for your time.

Level 14

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for your feedback! I will definitely look at ways we can help you better manage your alerts in Mobile Admin in the future.

In regards to acknowledging alerts, you can already do this for Orion alerts in Mobile Admin 8.0.

Level 12

If you let me know when the node issue is resolved, I can try again and see if the problem still exists.  BTW:  Meant to mention this was with Firefox 18.

Level 12

I tested it again this morning and it is now working fine.  When I start typing in the message window the popup disappears.  Thanks...