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Managing your Cisco IP SLA Operations with Tag and Owner Fields

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When you have several IP SLA operations, you may need a way to organize them quickly. The tag and owner fields allow you to input custom parameters that can then be used to track your IP SLA operations. This is an advanced feature and if you have configured it, IP SLA Manager will discover these parameters when you do an operation discovery.

To configure tag and owner for an existing operation, enter these commands at the enable prompt


In this example, I used operation number 2000. The operation number will vary depending on your configuration. To find the IP SLA operation number and other useful information about your IP SLA operations, type:

show ip sla monitor configuration

at the router prompt. Note: these commands are valid on IOS 12.4. Earlier versions used the rtr command where the tag and owner parameters are not available.


The tag and owner field can include any text data. For more information on how to configure IP SLA operations, I highly recommend Cisco’s user guide.

If you want a step by step walk through of manually creating operations from someone other than Cisco or SolarWinds, Brad Reese at NetworkWorld has a good write up on creating a TCP Connect operation.

After you have the tag and/or owner field on the operation, when you do an IP SLA discovery with IP SLA Manager, the tag and owner will be added. You can then filter by these in the Manage Operations screen by right clicking on the field.


If you don’t see the tag or owner field try scrolling to the right more But if you still don’t see it, you may need to add it. To add a field, simply right click on one of the existing fields (Operation Name, Type, Source, Target, etc). Next, click Columns and select which fields you want to be displayed in the Manage IP SLA Operations screen.



I hope you find the tag and owner field helpful. This feature was specifically added in based on feedback from our users during the Release Candidate phase. We know we haven’t done everything requested but we definitely value your feedback and try to help where we can :-)


If you aren’t using the Orion IP SLA Manager, click here for more information. IP SLA Manager can be used to automatically create and monitor Cisco IP SLA operations to give you more information about your WAN health and your VoIP environment.

About the Author
  Mav has been with SW since 2009. He has 10 years of IT experience on both the Network and Systems side. His favorite text editor is vi (if you listen closely, you can hear him muttering command sequence incantations under his breath).