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Looking for FSM 6.6.7 Beta testers

Level 11

We are busily working on the next release and among many things we are looking at, there is Checkpoint R77 and PCI 3.0 support!

If you would like to influence this feature and Firewall Security Manager in general and if you are interested in these particular feature, please reach out to me as soon as possible!

Sign up for the beta here: FSM Beta Survey

Please note this beta is open to current customers with active maintenance on Firewall Security Manager and is NOT suitable for production environment and you need a separate test system.

This Beta is focused on small, but high quality feedback and you will be rewarded by crazy number of Thwack points!   First come, first served!

After you sign up and confirm Beta agreement, I will contact you shortly.

Level 12

Does the beta support ASA Firmware versions 9.1 and up?

Sign me up.

Level 10

Sign me up.

Level 8

does this also support R75.40 where the FSM schedule tasks do not update Orion?

Level 12

Is this Beta going to support Palo Alto?

Level 11

Any support for IOS v15 Zone Based Firewalls?

Or as mentioned Johnny ASA v9.x +?

Level 8

Support for

Fortinet 3000D running 5.6?

ASA 5545 running 9.6x+ (as previously mentined by others)

Checkpoint 15000 and 23000 running 77.30 and 80.10?

Level 15

How about a watchguard m400?

Level 12


FYI, this product is dead.

FSM End of Life

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