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Log & Event Manager Release Roundup: Latest News

Product Manager

The Log & Event Manager team has been busy lately with both maintenance to our current version and, of course, an upcoming release. In this Release Roundup, I'll bring you up to speed on what's been going on lately in the Land of LEM.

Maintenance Release: 5.3.1

We received a lot of good feedback after our 5.3 release and rolled up those changes into a 5.3.1 maintenance release, available on the SolarWinds Customer Portal to all customers under active maintenance. This includes:

  • Resolved reported difficulty configuring USB-Defender Local Policy and several database-reading connectors
  • Updated Console filter functionality to allow toggling of the outer grouping and resolved reported issues with unexpected filter conversion
  • Improved USB-Defender Report to capture all expected USB-Defender data based on customer feedback
  • Added a herd of new connectors (43 in total), including support for SmoothWall, Cisco IronPort, Sophos Email/Web Security, Websense 7.0+, and McAfee IntruShield, among others

You'll notice when you go to download the 5.3.1 update that the Customer Portal looks a little different. We've made it easier for us to get releases to you faster by streamlining some of the behind the scenes work. To download the appliance update for all virtual/hardware appliances, first click on the  button next to your SIM/LEM product listing, then click "Download" next to the "Appliance Upgrade" download. It's not always easy to find, so here's a picture that might help:


We've also released a hotfix to 5.3.1 that resolves difficulty customers were having configuring our Check Point integration. Only customers affected by that issue will need to download and apply it. It's located in the "Hotfixes" section on the portal, and included in the hotfix are instructions on how to apply.

New: Download Connector Updates from the Portal

We've improved the distribution of connector updates to regularly update the SolarWinds Customer Portal as we support new connectors and maintain our existing connectors. Anyone who's under maintenance can go download the connector update package and apply it to their SIM or LEM appliance. Back on the multiple downloads page, you can find the Connector Package listed separately, and instructions for applying it are in this (always awesome) SolarWinds Knowledge Base article.

Upcoming Releases

You can check out the full detail of this in our What We're Working On post, but for those of you that prefer "Executive Summaries" here's what we're up to (disclaimer: this is not a commitment to these features on any timeline, it's just an idea of what's in our priority queue):

  • Hyper-V Appliance Deployment
  • Active Directory Authentication
  • Outbound SNMP Trap alerts - send notifications from LEM to Orion and other SolarWinds products
  • Inbound SNMP Trap integration - support for receiving data from SolarWinds products in LEM
  • Browser-based Console - access LEM from your browser!

If you're an active customer interested in testing any of these features when they become available, you can sign up by filling out this survey and you'll get an email when something is available.

And, Finally... Videos!

If you're new to LEM and still trying to find your way around, be sure to check out our AWESOME new LEM Intro video series! This series was prepared as a part of our upcoming release and should hit the sweet spot of trying to find your way around. There's 5 videos and they are all around 5 minutes long.

For a taste, here's our video on filters and real-time data:

Watch the rest here on the LEM Resource Center. There's a bunch of more advanced videos on the LEM videos area in the Resource Center as well, you can see a quick list here on Thwack.

About the Author
After working all aspects of IT from lab/helpdesk support to complete IT responsibility over the span of 10 years, Nicole turned Product Manager to help bring accessible IT management software to the masses. She joined SolarWinds with the acquisition of Log & Event Manager in 2011 to find it felt just like home.