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Kiwi Syslog 9.5 is now Available!

Level 15

I'm excited to announce general availability of  Kiwi Syslog Server 9.5! The new Kiwi Syslog version is packed with great new features and improvements.

This release contains various improvements such as

  • SNMP v3 Trap support
  • SNMP Trap Forwarding (with ability to retain source address for IPv4)
  • Trap fields to VarBinds Elements in Output
  • Logging to Papertrail cloud
  • IPv6 Support
  • Statistics email reports based on different interval
  • Ability to create more than five web console users

Kiwi Syslog v9.5 is available for download in your customer portal for those customers under current Kiwi Syslog maintenance.

If you are not a Kiwi Syslog user yet, now go and download new version from now!

Level 16


Release  notes link is broken 🙂

But great features !!!

Level 15

Which link? Could you point me where is the broken link? I can see release notes just fine.

Level 16

From the customer portal there is link to the software release note

When you push  it you get that :

Level 15

Got it, we will get it fixed, thanks!

Level 15

Link should be correct now, thanks once more!

Kiwi rocks, and is my real-time critical monitor friend that tells me when EIGRP and BGP neighbor states change.  I know something's broken faster than the users can call the Help Desk, and I'm already focused on it, thanks to pointing critical router & switch syslogs at my personal Kiwi.

I'm almost always at my desk, but Kiwi lets me build rules to forward that critical info to my cell, pager, Help Desk, Team, and WAN service provider.  Talk about getting the right people's attention at the right time!

Level 14


I posted an inquiry concerning the status of the next Kiwi Syslog release several days ago (see When is Kiwi Syslog v10 coming out?​).   I was hoping to hear from you, at the very least, concerning the Roadmap for Kiwi Syslog.

Please, reply ASAP, so I (and other Thwackers) get know what's in the works for this product.  Many thanks.

Level 15


I'd be happy to setup a call so I can gather feedback on how you're currently using the product, features you'd like to see added and your priority of each feature.  I'll follow up via email.



We've been having problems getting kiwi syslog server to start under windows server 2012 R2.  EMET won't allow the service to start.  Has anyone gotten this to work under windows server 2012 R2?  This is a serious problem for us.  One of my partners has a case 999667 open on this now.  Since most of our logging depends on the kiwi syslog server we are working on projects that require this functionality and auditors aren't going to like this not working.

Level 10

Tried and failed reverted back to 2008 R2.

Level 9

Having this issue too (Case: 1057717).  Seems to be a slow roll for support.

Level 9

EMET uninstall and re-attempt failed this AM as well.


This is ridiculous so kiwi won't run on Windows2012R2 at all then it sounds like.  I installed the free version of What's Up Gold and it's syslog server runs fine.  I'm using that for now because I have mulitple DISA STIGs that requires a syslog server to be compliant.  This network is basically one client machine, the server, firewall, IPDS, router and a couple switches... that's it.


Thanks for the comment emtox


This is also very helpful information.

Level 9

Yep pulling down WUG now - can't wait any longer for the 'dev is looking at it' status to change without having *something*