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Keeping Nodes in Sync: NPM and NCM

Level 15

You know that to have nodes appear in the NCM integration module, the nodes need to exist in both NCM and NPM. So, if you add nodes and/or change node properties in Orion, you'd like to have those changes automatically propagated to NCM. However, what you might not know is that you can easily set up a job to help you with this task. In the NCM application, go to Schedule -> Create New Job -> then choose "Import Orion Database." Once you have this set up, everything will stay in sync without your needing to bring up the NCM application (unless you want to manage specific config properties on those nodes). 

Eventually, we want to bring node management completely into the Orion website, but in the meantime, try this. 


1. Choose the job and set it up according to your preferred schedule. 


2. Select the database to be imported. 


3. Map the columns. This allows you to sync nodes with custom properties as well. 



4. Customize the rows. If for some reason, there are some devices you don't want synced, you'll de-select them here.



5. Choose how you want the job to run. If you choose "Add only new nodes," then that is *all* that will happen. Info for existing nodes won't get updated. If you uncheck that box, you'll get updates and new nodes when the job runs. If a node already exists, it won't be re-added, but keep in mind that that identification is done by IP address, so if you have nodes that tend to change IP address, duplicates could happen. 

6. Click finish - and you're done!

***** UPDATE 3/30/10 **** PLEASE NOTE:  You will need to select all existing nodes you want synced, right-click and select Edit Multiple Nodes, and change Orion Node Import Allow to Yes for this to work.   We inadvertently set this value to No by default, which means that changes will be ignored unless this value is changed.   This is being fixed in the 6.0 release currently in development.

Level 7

I have upgraded to NPM 10.2.2 and NCM 7.0.2 and having the problem of nodes created in NPM showing they are Licensed by NCM but not showing up in NCM management interface. This is preventing me from running nighltly backups and execute command scripts because the nodes are not listed in NCM. When I click add node it opens the web console for me to add node - the nodes are already in NPM.

Level 15

Are they in "unmanage" state in Orion?

Other than that, I don't see any reason for this to be. You might have to open a case about this.

Level 7

You are correct. I found host showing up under "unmanaged". Thanks

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