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Java - It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Product Manager

There's nothing I love more than showing off amazing new product capabilities. And today I get to show off an incredibly cool, and truly valuable new feature the Synthetic End User Monitor (SeUM) team has been working on diligently; that feature is support for monitoring web based Java applications such as Oracle Forms. As some of you may already be aware, the latest release of SeUM already supports monitoring of rich web based content such as Flash and Silverlight, as well as pages that use modern web technologies like AJAX. In the latest SeUM 2.0 beta we expand upon those already impressive capabilities by providing the ability to measure and monitor user experience and availability of your web based Java applications.

The video below demonstrates these new Java application monitoring capabilities using Citrix's XenApp Java Client, an application that allows users to interact with native Windows applications remotely. I strongly recommend starting the video in full screen mode for the best possible resolution.

The video demonstrates the steps recorded in this transaction using the SeUM Recorder, starting with logging into the Citrix XenApp Web Interface. After successfully logging in you'll see me change the session settings from Seamless to 1024x768. This ensures any Citrix application being recorded will remain within the bounds of the SeUM Recorder. Next you'll see me launch the Firefox published application in the Citrix XenApp Web Interface. Once the application has launched I validate content on the page to ensure the application is running properly before interacting with the Windows App by clicking on the FireFox menu item and clicking "Exit" to close the application and end my Citrix session.

Once I've saved the recording and assigned it to a player I now have detailed insight into the performance and availability of my published Citrix application, no differently than any other web based application; complete with screenshots that help diagnose the cause of application issues before end users report them.

Min-Max-Average Duration.pngWPM XenApp Screenshot.png

Support for web based Java applications is only one of many new features the SeUM team is working on. In my previous blog posting I provided a sneak peek at the new waterfall charts, and Page Elements Overview Resource. I'm sure to cover many of the other new features as we get closer to release, so keep your eyes on the Product Blog for more information. In the meantime, existing SeUM customers' under active maintenance can sign-up now to download the beta and start playing with these new features today.