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IPAM 4.1 RC1 available for download

I'm happy to announce that IP Address Manager 4.1 RC1 is available for download and installation on your production servers.

Except bug fixes, there are two new big features we added into this release of IPAM:

  1. ISC DHCP management and monitoring
    • Create, edit or remove ISC DHCP subnets directly in IPAM using the same UI as for Microsoft or Cisco DHCP
    • Manage ISC DHCP subnet options, ranges and pools (RFC standard options, including options 66 & 67 for VoIP settings)
    • Default alerts for high DHCP subnet utilization
    • Monitoring of ISC DHCP shared subnets and their utilization
    • Monitoring of availability of ISC DHCP servers and their subnets (up, down, unreachable)
    • Monitoring of ISC DHCP IP address static assignments within groupsall DHCP vendors.png
  2. Support for management of standard DHCP scope options on Microsoft or Cisco DHCP servers
    • Setup VoIP options (66 & 67) on your DHCP scopes
    • Manage all RFC standard DHCP options using web UI that describe usage of each option.
    • Automatic both-way DHCP scope option sync between IPAM and DHCP servers

The installation is available on your customer portal or via this RC agreement (IPAM 4.1 RC Participation Survey).

You should contact SolarWinds support in case of any problems or bugs you found.

We are looking to your feedback on this latest version.

Level 14

We can't use IPAM effectively because it has lack of some fundamental features for us. Please consider to implement these ideas first. And for the vNext try not to focus on new features but completing the old ones.

  1. Single view for DHCP Split Scopes (Must)
  2. Add reservation to multiple DHCP split scope servers simultaneously (Must)
  3. MAC vendor identification (Must)
  4. VLAN management view in IPAM (Must)
  5. IP request form (Very nice to have)
  6. Graph subnet & scope utilization over time (Nice to have)

And please vote for "Improvements of Split Scope functionality" which means 1 & 2 for me.


Level 16

Thanks for your priorities Mustafa, it's good input as always. I'll update what we are working on for vNext soon, and I think you will like it. This release is mainly for users who are unhappy with Windows DHCP or DNS service and looking for more scalable and better performance solution that would not cost much to implement - ISC DHCP and DNS services.

Level 13

He hit the nail on the head for many of our clients as well.  If I was to add anything it would be related to support of additional dhcp/dns software vendors.  I see Infoblox quite a bit out in client environments.

Sohail Bhamani

Loop1 Systems

Level 9

Is there somewhere we can see the list of bugfixes included?

Level 14

Single view for DHCP Split Scopes reached 27 votes in one day.

Level 16

we will populate that soon, so far we should sent emails to all users who opened ticket with support (bugs) for validation.

Level 14

Meaningful question

Level 16

updated under "release candidate" section in IPAM.

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