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IP Address Manager 3.1 Release Candidate available for download

Hi all,

We have officially reached release candidate (RC) phase for IPAM 3.1.

If you are an existing IPAM customer under active maintenance, you can install the RC. RCs are fully supported and made available to existing customers prior to the official release.

Our engineering teams are working on the most wanted features in order to help you with DHCP, DNS, IP address management (DDI).

First, we added support for DNS management. IPAM 3.1 RC can manage your Microsoft DNS services. You can create, modify or delete zones directly from a web console (no more RDP connections to the server):

DNSZone add.png


Second, you can also manage your DNS records within the same web console - this is very useful when you provision new serves or if you want to look for obsolete DNS records. To do that, click on the "DNS zone" tab and then on the "DNS records" button:


Then you will see a list of existing DNS records within given zone. When you click on "Add New" you will see following dialog and supported DNS record types:

3.1 dnsRecAdd.png

Your DNS changes are immediately propagated on your DNS servers, also you may see changes from your DNS servers in IPAM.

Third, we extended DHCP functionality on Cisco devices - including Cisco ASA devices. That means you may manage your IP address reservations, exclusions or DHCP scopes with the same method as you were used to in previous release of IPAM for MS DHCP services. For example, to do an IP address reservation, navigate to your Cisco DHCP scope, pick an IP address that you want to reserve and change its status to "reserved". IPAM will take care of all the background communication with your Cisco DHCP device.


You may also notice improved UI for IP subnets and exclusions for your scopes. This is important in case you want to understand what is the distribution of your DHCP scopes:

3.1 scopes&split.png

And finally we added support for split scope scenarios on your Microsoft and Cisco DHCP servers. Split scope actions are widely used for high availability and load balancing performance purposes. You may find it in both Microsoft and Cisco DHCP best practice whitepapers. Microsoft and Cisco don't offer a easy to use GUI to do that. We decided to design a brand new interactive wizard for split scope action. To create a new split scope you need to select an existing DHCP scope under the "DHCP Scopes" tab. You also have to have at least two DHCP servers (so the second server may handle newly created scope). Then you click on the "split scope" button and IPAM will show you the three step wizard for configuration. You may simply use the slider to define an IP address ratio for your existing and new scope:

10-9-2012 15-59-04.png

IPAM 3.1 can also poll data about existing scopes from your DHCP servers and it can also detect disabled scopes.

We are looking for your feedback and the RC is ready for download in case you are an IPAM user under active maintenance. Please follow this link to see RC discussion or participate in the RC IP Address Manager 3.1 Release Candidate 1 available for download

IPAM 3.1 RC also adds support for SQL 2012 and various bug fixes.



About the Author
I joined SolarWinds PM team in September 2011 and I am currently part of product management team located in Czech Republic . Before that, I spent five years developing networking products and mobile applications.