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Engineers Toolset 10.9.1 (SR) Release Candidate available for download

Level 12

The SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset – 10.9.1 Release Candidate is now available for download in your customer portal.

This Release Candidate fixes the following issues.

• Issues with Neighbor Map (250173, 186932)

• Port Mapper - In correct VLAN ID displayed (156029)

• Bandwidth Gauge –Historical Statistics issue fixed (175923)

• Subnet Calculator – Resulting in wrong subnets (243226, 228460, 222771)

• Port Scanner crashes (222332, 218038)

• Switch Port Mapper does not work with Cisco Nexus 5000 (197087)

• Switch Port Mapper does not show MAC Address (204097)

• Switch Port Mapper fails to export to CSV format (250453)

• Workspace Studio Crash (236890, 236888)

TraceRoute crashes when hostname is not resolved (233322)

• Cannot add nodes to Bandwidth Gauges, with Non Admin user rights (234987)

WorkSpace Studio: Interface Chart % Utlization Rx+Tx faulty logic (245706)

• SNMP Real Time Graph displaying duplicate column names (250074)

• Watch It gives a Run-Time error after exiting the application when log in as a standard user (241675)

• Compare config Tool error out when logged in as a standard user (240296)

We have also included some enhancements into the tools.

• Enhancements into the TraceRoute tool.

WorkSpace Studio - Export function available in IP Network Browser.

• Neighbor Map can now export to Visio

• Proxy Ping supports IPV6 and SNMPv3

• SFTP functions using DSA Algorithms

• Fixed the renaming of file name in SCP Server and TFTP Server Tools.

The full set of release notes will be available when we have the formal release.

P.S: The Release Candidate (RCs) is a fully supported early release available to existing customers. If you have active maintenance and you are interested in the RC, please download the RC from your Customer Portal..

Level 10

any update for integration between Proxy Ping and NPM??

I no longer see the RC in the Portal, but don't see the release either.

Level 12

The GA bits are out, Please check your customer portal and down the release 10.9.1

Level 13

old traceroute ver-Toolset 10.9.1.pngI do not see any enhancement to trace route

I just see this

there was a post that the old version could be found in the deprecated dir, but my install does not have that folder