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Engineer's Toolset v11 is generally available

Good news everyone!

It is my pleasure to announce General Availability of Solarwinds Engineer's Toolset (ETS) v11, the most innovative release in many years history of this product. First, let's take a look at what is completely new in v11:

Toolset on the Web

As many of you requested tighter integration of ETS to our single plane of glass platform - Orion - we are happy to introduce you 5 new tools accessible directly from the Web console:

  • Real-time Interface Monitor
  • Real-time Memory Monitor
  • Real-time CPU Monitor
  • Response Time Monitor
  • Trace route

The biggest difference between these new ETS Real-time monitors and standard Orion monitors is higher data granularity. Thanks to the reworked polling and charts, you will be able to display data in shorter configurable intervals (up to 5sec polling). All new tools can be found at a new Toolset tab....


...or even better, by clicking on dropdown menu present in many Orion resources. Note that tools suggested in the drop down will change depending on the context - e.g. if troubleshooting interface, dropdown list will contain only tools related to interface and will not bother you with CPU monitoring option.


After calling any of new monitors to action, you will get to the Configuration Wizard where you can edit your selection before getting to results page. Here, you can even temporarily add a node otherwise unmonitored by your Orion and perform ad-hoc discovery of ports/CPUs/memory... All you need is to add the right IP and SNMP credentials. This option doesn't have any impact on how nodes are counted for other products licensing purposes, as the non-Orion node will be forgotten once a tool is closed.


Default view type is a chart, with a possibility to switch to the table display if more elements needs to be monitored than it's practical to visualize on the chart. Every chart instance is capable of rendering max.12 lines either for one node interface or 12 different ones. Since the history retention is 10 000 points, you also don't have to worry about several hours monitoring with the 5 sec. polling interval. There is also detailed statistics table available under the chart to help you see the Max/Min/Average values. Naturally, you can export results to PDF/CSV...


Admin is by default assigned first Toolset on the Web "seat", assigns Toolset rights to specific Orion users and also can change global settings for everyone. Each user can personalize polling interval, SNMP credentials, thresholds for every tool and metrics available for selection in the chart view.


Thanks to the integration with Orion Web console, you can now run new tools from literally anywhere you have access to your Orion server - even if it is your mobile. Min. recommended hardware in this case is a mobile/tablet with 2 cores and 1gb of RAM. Mobile views are supported on both major OS types - Android and iOS and their default browsers.


Engineer's Toolset Licensing

Another big change in this release is a move from "singleton" licensing to the seat based model. This change was necessary to satisfy users who want to use Desktop Toolset on a different machine than Toolset on the Web (which will be ideally installed on the Orion server). In other words, starting today you will see 2 different activation keys in your customer portal - one key for a Desktop and one for Web installer. To allow more users to use Toolset on the Web, you need to activate respective number off keys on your Orion server using License Manager application.

As some of you own multiple Toolset licenses and v11 brings extra set of Web keys, we have decided to make your life a bit easier also when managing increased number of activation keys. With the license merging function, you can request a merge of your licenses to one multi-seat license for all your Desktop Toolsets and one for Toolsets on the Web in Solarwinds customer portal. All criteria for merging are described in this video: Engineer's Toolset v11 License Overview - YouTube

Installation and Getting started

In order to enjoy new features in v11, install and activate both installers included in the download package. For customers owning also another Orion based product, it is recommended to use the existing SQL database during installation of Toolset on the Web. Others can install Toolset on the Web even on a clean server, as the installer contains Orion core and SQL database. Ability to manage 10 nodes comes for free with the Orion resources, so you can try out these core features together with new tools even if ETS is your only Solarwinds product.

Extra installers for additional pollers and additional web sites are also available for download on your customer portal. Once installed, Orion Admin is assigned first seat and ability to assign other available seats (depending on the number of seats activated) to existing Orion users.

Please feel free to leave your feedback using comments and/or request more tools to be integrated with Orion using Engineer's Toolset Feature Requests ...

Thanks and have a great day!

Peter Ksenzsigh

Level 9

Very Cool, cant wait to install.

Already posted a feature request for the next version web tools,

Level 13

Ok so I am more than a little bit confused by the web on product.  When I look in the customer portal that are three downloads, the main, a poller installer, and a additional web server install.  There's no real explanation on these.  Now on to the real confusion.  I installed integrated with my Orion NPM on the main poller.  It works for only one user, which right now is the admin user.  My impression was that it would work for any user.  However, when I try an enable an account in addition to the admin account it argues about another license and license manager.  SO color me very confused.

Level 13

Jeff, I've updated the blog a bit to be more specific in regards to your licensing concerns and I hope it's clearer now. Summed up: you can activate more Toolset on the Web keys (using license manager) on a same machine to provide access to respective number of users. Once seats are activated, Admin has to assign these to existing Orion users.

Level 9

I have One license of ETS for myself. I had to disable the admin and enable myself after I installed the desktop version to make the integrated tools work.


Hi Peter,

Can you clarify the following scenarios for licencing please:

Role Based Orion Account

A single internal orion account is created and used by multiple users e.g. NetworkTeam

Windows Auth - Group Users

How is this assigned and can I have 5 users in a group and assign an ETS Web license to 2 of these


Level 9

Did I miss in the documentation the extra selection dialog for selecting Express or Advanced Installation when installing Toolset for Web?  I looked in the QuickStart, Administrator, and Readme and saw nothing!

Level 13

We are updating docs to reflect this, thanks for pointing out!

Level 12

I am curious, has anyone used the Engineering Toolset against a Cisco 3650 switch yet?   Those are the newer ones that come in all black and the SFP's are hard mounted rather than a module like the 3560X/3750X.

Level 7

how can I get GUI of Engineering tool set

Level 13

Hi Ahmed,

there are 2 installers in the file you can download - one for Desktop Toolset and one for Toolset on the Web. If you own some other Orion based products like NCM, UDT, IPAM, NPM, you may want to install Toolset on the Web on the same server to get real-time monitors and tracert from the web console directly.

Does this helps please?


Level 7

How does one Uninstall Web Tool Set  V11??  I

Level 9

Very usefull Network tools.

Level 8

Thanks for the info.

Level 7

thanks for shairing