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EOC - What We Are Working On

Product Manager

Superseded by this page: EOC - What We Are Working On - Mar 2015

Please bookmark that page and follow it.

Level 20

This has been a long time coming.  It seems EOC has been somewhat ignored while NPM has moved forward.  It would also seem to me that SolarWinds would be wanting more people to use mulitple NPM instances in bigger and bigger environments.  You know the saying put your best foot forward?  Well with a large Orion implementation EOC sits at the top and pails in comparison to NPM... this has been unfortunate.

Glad to hear SolarWinds is beginning to finally see that EOC is the face of Orion in a large implementation!!!

Level 17

Is there a timeframe that this is going to occur?  This is hindering the "single pain of glass" ability of EOC for clients that heavily utilize hardware health monitoring and WPM.

Level 9

Ok. Whats happening with EOC.  Customers are abandoning it left and right and there has been no movement on upgrades.  Why not phase it out and concentrate on using additional pollers for roll-up enterprise views?

Level 10

I would love to see AppStack in EOC. We have our Network and storage products in one Orion environment, Server and Virtualization in another and SQL with DPA in a third. Because of the amount of components being pulled within our environment we can't have one monolithic Orion instance. Being able to aggregate the info from all the Orion instances into an EOC AppStack would be ideal. The way it is now we have the AppStack tiers broken into different Orion instances so AppStack simply doesn't work for us as well as it could...

Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi EOC users!  A long time coming, but you can now sign up for the beta of EOC 2.0‌, which is based on the Orion core.

Level 20

I'm in count us in for sure!

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Ok, so I have been a geek for a long time, went to UT finally ended up at a startup, Tek-Tools where we built a monitoring and reporting product for Servers, Backups, Storage and Applications. In Jan 2010, Solarwinds bought Tek-Tools, and I was added to the PM team. When my mind actually wonders from making our products better, I am generally spending time with my family, reading, watching sports, arguing politics or tinkering with stuff (it can always be made better), with the occasional camping trip thrown in for good measure.