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Dev-Assisted Upgrades

Product Manager
Product Manager


We’re looking for customers who are interested in participating in our next round of Release Candidate Dev-Assisted Upgrades.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • If accepted, you and your team will be upgrading to available Release Candidates with a team of SolarWinds experts watching closely and ready to step in if anything goes wrong.
  • It’s FREE (for active maintenance customers)
  • We have a team of people ready to assist with any questions before or after the upgrade.
  • You get THWACK points!

This is a limited time offer, with first-come, first-serve slots. If you aren’t able to participate this time, don’t worry! There’s always the next round.

Want to see if you qualify to get a SolarWinds Orion Dev-Assisted Upgrade?

Fill out this quick survey

(Communication for this program will be coming from

Level 15

Thank you @Dez looking forward to assisting however possible.


Product Manager
Product Manager

Thank YOU!



Hello, how soon after completing the survey should we expect to hear back? Also, is there an ETA for the RC release?


I would love to do this, but my company has so many hoops to jump through for upgrades it would never happen!

About the Author
I started in networking and security around 2002 by taking Cisco Certified Network Associate and Security+ courses from Central Vo-tech. This is where I fell in love with technology in general. From there I venture out to internships and started using the Engineers Toolset from SolarWinds which made me wonder about software. The company I was with purchased Cirrus which is now Network Configuration Manager (NCM) and I was officially hooked. I searched out for SolarWinds and well you guessed it I started working for them and believe it or not in sales. That was the only position open but I knew I wanted to be here. So I quickly worked my way in to the support side and became the first Sales Engineer and then the first Applications Engineer. Since I am a very curious person I have since in my 9 years of being at SolarWinds decided to pursue more education. Security is always a fascination to me so I started taking classes on INFOSEC Assessment Methodology (IAM) and INFOSEC Evaluation Methodology (IEM) of the NSA. Then I went and took the CIW Masters for web development and ventured to databases. MCITP SQL Server and Development certifications that led me to a database development degree in college. I’m pretty much a jack of all trades and LOVE IT! This all applied to my work with SolarWinds as I wanted to be able to help customers solve their issues or needs. So knowing more information allowed me to do this successfully. I also dabbled in Cisco UCS management and currently taking classes to venture toward a CCIE (crossing fingers). NCM is a product that I have worked with since its beginning. I even had the opportunity to fly to the NSA to create templates for some of their devices. I used to be the sole MIB database controller so I’m definitely your huckleberry on MIBs and OIDs. As an Applications Engineer I focused on Network Performance Monitor, Network Configuration Manager, Web Performance Monitor, Enterprise Operations Console, Patch Manager, User Device Tracker, and the Engineers Toolset. See why I like to constantly learn new things I had a lot to be on top of! SolarWinds is a passion of mine still to this very day. My new role as a Product Manager for NCM is home to me. Funny how I circled around back to my favorite product that got me here in the first place. :) My goal is to educate and work with customers to leverage our products to their fullest degree!