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Dameware Remote Everywhere: Redesigned Mac Viewer

Product Manager

We are delighted to introduce our latest Dameware Remote Everywhere update: Viewer 6.00.07 for Mac.

In January 2019, we introduced our entirely re-styled Windows Viewer – in which we had consolidated all menu and action items into a single, easy to navigate top bar – giving an organized and scalable presentation to the DRE Viewer.

On initial launch, you’ll notice the Viewer changes immediately:


But despite the menu changes, and consolidation of all menu items on the top bar, there’s been no compromise to functionality – all the features and functions have been homogenized and streamlined.


All your session stats and session telemetry remain wholly accessible:


The menus are slick, navigable, and highly responsive, making this a real pleasure to use.

Summary of release:

– SolarWinds Take Control Viewer update: 6.00.07
– No agent update


Wait--people still use Macintoshs?

Is there anyway to get a demo on this?  We are looking at having to support quite a few remote users on PC, Mac, and iPads and are looking at different options.  Any time I ask my sales person for a demo on this I get absolutely nowhere.  We were looking at Kaseya as an option BUT Dameware can support Mac and Windows which would make our lives so much easier.   Can you assist here bshopp​ Thanks! 

Product Manager
Product Manager

Dave, yes, absolutely.  I will ping you offline via email to coordinate something.

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I have currently been at SolarWinds for a little over three years and have been in the IT technology field for about 10 years either as an Engineer/IT Admin or working for a software company to help makes those folks lives easier.  I graduated from Texas A&M University with an MIS degree from the Business School and have been in Austin for about 8 years.