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Customer Portal Individual User Profiles - Version 2

Level 15

Individual User Profiles Release

On August 14th, SolarWinds will be offering a subset of our customers the opportunity to create an individual user profile for their customer portal experience. We will continue to roll this feature out across our entire customer base within the next month. You will be automatically prompted to create the individual user profile when your SolarWinds Customer ID (SWID) is included in this rolling release.

During this month-long rollout period, customers will be given the choice to continue using the legacy SWID & Password experience or create their individual user profile. By the end of the month, we will require all customers to enter the customer portal via their individual user account.

Frequently Asked Questions About Individual User Profiles:

Will I still log in with my SolarWinds Customer ID (SWID)?

Until you create your individual user profile, you will continue to login with your SolarWinds Customer ID (SWID) and password. After we complete the release of individual user accounts and you have created your individual profile, you will no longer be able to log in to the Customer Portal using your SWID.

Do I still need my SWID?

Yes, your SWID (SolarWinds Customer ID) is still used to identify your account with SolarWinds. When logged into the portal, you will be able to see your company name and SWID at the top of the page.

What is the new individual user profile, and why do I have to create one?

For purposes of logging in, changing/resetting passwords, managing account information, and more, you will now use a login based on your email address instead of a shared SolarWinds Customer ID (SWID). This will make is much simpler for you to manage your account, and more secure for you as well, because you will no longer have to share credentials among multiple team members.

Help: I can't create an individual account?

In order to create an individual account, you will need to already have a SolarWinds ID (SWID) and be a SolarWinds customer. You will use your SWID and password to create your user profile. If you do not have a SWID, but are a customer, contact customer service to get this. If you do not know your password, use the SWID password retrieval links on the Customer Portal log in page to retrieve these. You need to be listed as your account's primary contact in order to recover these credentials.

What are the different types of individual account? How do I know which one I have?

Currently, there are two types of accounts. Standard Access and Account Administrator. Standard access allows you full access to the customer portal as you know it today. Account Administrators have access to additional account administration functionality within the portal and can modify contact types and roles for other users on the SWID.

Are there plans to add more roles?

Yes, we are planning to add additional roles and more granular access levels in the future.

I am the main contact on my account. Can I add other users to the account?

Yes, you can add contacts and users to the account. You will need to do this from the Company Account Settings screen. The only way to access this page is to be listed as an Account Administrator.

How do I become an account administrator for my company?

When you create your individual user profile, if you are already listed as the business or billing contact on your account, you will have admin access the next time you log in to the portal. Otherwise, in order to request this role, please submit a support ticket for customer service -

I have access to several different SWIDs. Do I need different user profiles for each SWID's Customer Portal I need to log in to?

You will only have one user profile for your email address. This profile can be linked to access multiple SWIDs.

How do I link different SWIDs?

You can link your user profile to additional SWIDs by going to your User Profile Settings page after logging in to the Customer Portal. In order to link to an additional SWID, you will need to the SWID and Password for the account that you wish to link to. Your user profile will be linked to the additional SWIDs. The account must be associated with the same email address you used to setup your user profile. You will use one user profile to log in to multiple accounts using this method.

Can you help me create an individual user profile?

Please refer to the tutorial below on how to create your user profile for the first time. We tried to make the process as simple as possible, but if you do experience issues while creating your account, this tutorial should help.

Can I change my password for my user profile?

Yes, you can change your individual user profile password from within the customer portal on your profile page.

What if I forget my password?

You can get a temporary password and reset it to a new password using the Forgot Password link on the SolarWinds Customer Portal login page.

What if someone else in my organization forgets their password?

The user who has forgotten their password will need to reset the password themselves.

Will Customer Service give me my password if I forget it?

No, for your security, SolarWinds Customer Service will not have access to your password. You will need to retrieve and change your user profile password yourself. 

How do I make updates to my company’s information that is on file with SolarWinds?

On the Company Account update page (accessible by the account admin), users can download and submit the Account Information Update form and submit this to customer service via email to be updated.

What if I need the password for my shared account in order to create a user profile?

The person who is listed as the primary account contact with SolarWinds can retrieve this information using the Forgot Password dialog and clicking I need to retrieve account information for a SWID. This will allow the primary contact to retrieve the shared credentials that are needed in order to create an individual account.

How to create and features of Individual User Profiles - Version 2

When you come to the Customer Portal, you will use your SWID and password as you have in the past if you have not created your user profile. If you have created a user profile already, log in with your email address and the password you selected.

cp log in page.png

After logging in with the shared credentials, you will be taken to the following page to create an individual user profile. Click get started, and head to the form. If you have already done this, click I'm already set up and log in. If you choose to setup your individual user profile later, click I'll setup later


Fill out all fields on the form to create your account.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 2.21.13 PM.png

After filling out this form, click Create Account and you will immediately be logged into the customer portal. After your initial log in, you will receive an email to the account provided with a link to confirm your account. You are required to click on the link before your next log in to the customer portal. If you do not confirm your account, you will not be able to log in.

confirm account modal.png

If you return to the portal and re-enter your shared SWID credentials, you will be prompted again to create a user profile. If you have already created an user profile, simply click on the Log In button. We recommend that if you have access to more than one SWID, that you link your user profile to the other SWIDs, so that you only have to remember a single set of credentials. To do this, log in to your account and navigate to the user profile settings page:

home page unconfirmed account.png

On this page, you will have the option to link to another account. You will need the SWID and password of that account in order to link it to your user profile.

link profile screen.png

If you are the administrator for your account, you can also access the company profile settings screen where you can view users who have access to the Customer Portal for your company, add users, assign roles and contact types and review other information related to your account.

company profile settings page.png

manage user interface.png

If you have any questions regarding your individual user profile, please reach out to customer service

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