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CUSTOMER TRAINING: Synthetic End User Monitor v1.5

Product Manager

SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor (SEUM) offers a powerful and affordable solution for monitoring business-critical web transactions and web sites from the end-user’s perspective. Whether you are testing the impact of website changes or troubleshooting web application performance problems remotely, you don’t want to miss this session to learn how SEUM can save you countless hours!  And with v1.5, we make it quick and easy for you to deploy tests to the cloud and run synthetic transactions whenever you see fit!

During this session we discuss:

  • SEUM architecture
  • Best practices for monitoring websites/web apps
  • Recording a transaction
  • Deploying transaction players
  • And of course, what you get with SEUM!!
    • Stepwise transaction analysis
    • Distributed playbacks
    • Centralized management