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CBQoS and NetFlow aren’t peanut butter and jelly for you?

Level 18

We believe that CBQoS and NetFlow go together like peanut butter and jelly, but several of you commented that it was frustrating that you had to enable NetFlow on the interface to drill down to see CBQoS data.   Who are we to dictate how you like your CBQoS?   Well, the good news is with Orion NTA 3.6 you can have it any way you like it.

If you’ve upgraded to NTA 3.6, you’ll notice there are now two LAST RECEIVED columns in the NetFlow Sources resource:


As long as one of the LAST RECEIVED columns has a date/time stamp, then drill down is enabled and you can navigate to the respective interface details views.   You’ll notice that in the screen shot, Cur-3725 is not receiving NetFlow, but it is being polled for CBQoS data.

What if you don’t want to store all that CBQoS data in your database? Also new in 3.6, you can disable CBQoS data storage on specific interfaces.  Navigate to NTA Settings and click Manually Manage NetFlow Sources. You’ll see a dialog like this where you can check the boxes for both NetFlow and CBQoS.


We’re busy working on further improvements to CBQoS polling, so stay tuned and keep the great feedback coming!


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