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Beta2 for Network Configuration Manager v7.3 is Available!

Level 18

We have completed another bulk of the development effort and are now focused on testing the latest release of Network Configuration Manager (NCM); We have Beta2 for NCM v7.3 available. This is your chance to install the latest version and provide feedback on the new features and fixes. Providing feedback during the beta is the best way to ensure that your feedback will be incorporated in to the release. To participate, simply fill out this survey and you will be sent the download links for the Beta. Remember, Betas cannot be installed in production and you cannot upgrade the Beta to any other future versions.

The following enhancement have been added to NCM so far:

  • NCM and NPM databases merged
    • Optimized DB schema
    • Account limitations are applied to NCM jobs.
    • Core node management page is used to add/remove devices from NCM.
    • In the discovery wizard, users can choose whether to import newly discovered nodes into NCM.
    • Node Sync is gone!
    • Subviews are fully supported.
  • A completely new version of the Configuration Management page
  • EoL/EoS info on (NCM) node details page
  • Admins can now clear all transfers for all users from the Transfer Status page in the Web UI.
  • Limit policy reports for individual accounts
  • Jobs Summary table can be sorted according to any column.
  • NCM supports SWISv3 now.

Volunteers Wanted!

Before I describe all the great new improvements in details, I would like to ask you to help us with the database migration tuning. We would like to test the database merge procedure and collect statistics from as many real environments as possible. We can offer the following:

  • Detailed instructions on the procedure (Database Migration Assistance).
  • Assistance from NCM engineering team.
  • Extra portion of thwack points (on top of the usual amount + badge for Beta testers).
  • Good feeling that you helped improve the product .

Benefits of the Merged Databases

The merge of NCM and NPM databases enable NCM users to take advantage of certain features of the Orion Platform (Core) that were not possible to use before.

Improved Node Management

As there is no concept of "NCM Node" anymore, "Licensed by NCM" has become just a flag for Orion nodes. What does it mean? You can manage all NCM properties using the Core none management infrastructure:



Improved Node Details

The merged DB made it possible to use sub-views -- you can easily review NCM node details next to information from other Orion modules.


New Configuration Management UI

This is a great improvement in usability of the NCM Web UI in this release. Unlike the old UI, the new one is much more node-centric to make the workflows much smoother: First you select the devices and then perform an action. The new UI enables you to accomplish a chain of tasks efficiently as you can work with the same set of nodes repeatedly.

  • You can group your devices by up to three parameters.
  • The node selection is persistant; even if you switch to another group of nodes or another page, your selection is preserved.


Level 10

"Remember, Betas cannot be installed in production and you cannot upgrade the Beta to any other future versions."

I'm curious, how is the testing of NCM compatability supposed to happen? This looks like a thing we would have to use with a stand alone instance of NPM that wasn't production. How exactly would that be configured? Maybe I am missing something, but I am very curious.

Level 18

Hi dgglynn,

This depends on the exact scenario that you want to test. If you want to test the DB migration, the description can be found here: Database Migration Assistance. If you want to test NCM 7.3 Beta together with NPM, you can download NPM eval version or we can give you a temporary license. Anyway, feel free to provide more details either here or drop me an email. We are very interested in helping you test the DB migration.