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Avaya call quality monitoring is in Beta phase

Many of you are patiently waiting for new version of VNQM and hope to see support for Avaya call quality monitoring. Well, now is a good chance how to help us recognize technical differences and challenges our engineering needs to solve before GA. We are here with first beta that supports Avaya call managers (have S7x series in our lab). We would highly appreciate if you can try to install this version on your test environment (could be VM) and let us know how it works on your end.

This is currently supported functionality:

  • Avaya support
    • Storing CDRs in Orion internal DB
    • VoIP search for Avaya calls (search with time and CM only)
    • VoIP Call details view (without CQR and Call Signaling)

If you want to participate in beta, you should own VNQM and be under active maintenance. Then you need to simply agree with this beta agreement: SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager 4.2 Beta Participation Survey and I'll send you download link.

How to add Avaya call manager? Click on "Add new call manager" button on IPSLA Summary page and our wizard will take you through the process.

I'd also welcome any feedback on wizard UI and improvement points.

Here are few screenshots:

beta 1.png

beta 1 - detail.png

beta1 - ccm details.png

Level 13

No CS1K support??

Level 16

we would like to add that. would you be willing to have 1 hour GoTo meeting with our engineering. they would like to see functionality of CS1K which we do not have in our LAB.

Level 10

great news!!

Also You need to improve table infrustructure for VNQM module. Because We have created some reports about Voice quality but SQL server cannot generate these reports because you're keeping all call details in a table. You need to add tables as voipcalls_detail, voipcalls_hourly, voipcalls_daily and etc.

Level 8

Looking forward to using this! I've been waiting for Avaya support since you added Cisco Call Manager. I hope to join the beta.

Level 7

Will this work on our CS1000 system now? I showed the commands needed to be entered on the Avaya system to our phone tech and he said that would not work on our CS1000 system. This looks like a very interesting product, and we would like to implement it if it works.

About the Author
I joined SolarWinds PM team in September 2011 and I am currently part of product management team located in Czech Republic . Before that, I spent five years developing networking products and mobile applications.