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Announcing General Availability of Web Help Desk 12.5

Level 12

We are excited to share, that we've reached GA for Web Help Desk (WHD) 12.5.

This release includes new dashboards delivering a much needed UI and performance boost to WHD. The release also contains user interface improvements aligned to our Unexpected Simplicity theme.  The new features include:

  • Dashboard interface - New and improved dashboard user interface and functionality. The WHD development team did some fantastic work here to produce a new ground-up dashboard using a modern framework.

  • Technician interface - Manage ticket approvals from the technician interface. This request was one of the most highly requested features taken from Thwack. This feature empowers WHD technicians with an efficient and simple method to approve tickets.

Additional Improvements:

  • New email processing producing more reliability within WHD messaging queue.
  • Fixes for customer issues and security vulnerabilities

We encourage all to upgrade to this latest release which is available within your customer portal.


Solarwinds Team

Level 9

What does this phrase, "New email processing producing more reliability within WHD messaging queue." mean? It's not even mentioned in the release notes.

Will there ever be a fix to the upside-down email notifications? Users having to scroll (sometimes many pages) to the bottom of an email to read the latest update is our number 1 user complaint. I've never understood why the latest update isn't always at the top of the emailed ticket.

Level 12

There were problems with (mainly on clients) creating tickets using request types that were assigned to tech groups due to methods in which we were communicating with the messaging server.



It takes too much time to see the confirmed screen.

Customers had also noticed that the same process takes a different amount of time for Tech vs Client UI.

For example, creation of a ticket with 6 recipients will take about 40 seconds from Client UI and just up to 5 seconds from Tech UI.

Essentially, the Tech UI has no delay and confirms ticket creation without waiting for the response from mail server. Now, all the emails are just scheduled for delivery and Tech/Client should both experience similar results.

Level 11


Am just wondering about what you said re the order of the notes in email notifications since this has never come up from our end users?

We have the notes in Reverse Chronological order (set in Setup> Tickets> Note & History sorting Reverse Chronological - this is for the Tech screen & the client emails) and then the outgoing emails (set in Setup> E-Mail> Outgoing Mail> Client E-Mail layout) set with notes first, then Ticket Info second, Client Info third and Recipients last. This way you get the email "your ticket has been updated as follows" blurb with the latest note next on the email.

Level 10

Hi mbussey

Is there any provision to restrict techs from changing request type of ticket in new update?

Also, the ticket approval status should be visible to clients. After raising a ticket clients do not have any way to know on which approval state the ticket is pending.

Then the users have to call tech every now and then for ticket approval status.

Level 12

Is there any provision to restrict techs from changing request type of ticket in new update? - No, will take this under consideration.

Ticket approval status should be visible to clients. After raising a ticket clients do not have any way to know on which approval state the ticket is pending.

Then the users have to call tech every now and then for ticket approval status.

This is a FR - Something we were looking to provide in the first iteration allowing Tech Approvals within the Tech UI, but didn't make the cut unfortunately. Here's the "vote"

Level 10

Hi mbussey​,

Thanks for your response.

Basically, the above mentioned feature request is submitted by me only

I am glad that you are considering these requests for new version.

Thanks and Regards,

Chinmay Chavan


Level 9

I upgraded, now WHD won't activate. Neither online of offline. My maintenance is valid until late next year. So I called tech support. Who kept me on hold for 37 minutes then I got a recorded message that support was unavailable.

This is ridiculous

Edited- Support did call me, but I managed to fix the issue myself. I'm leaving the comment here because I think Solarwinds could have tested this better, even though I look like an idiot for complaining here then being able to fix it myself. Oh well.

Level 7

Nice update but can you please get the NPM 12 UI people to give this tool an update there?  I think it would be easier to get buy-in from other people in the company if it handled more like a modern web-based tool.

Great work on the functionality though. 


Level 12

Typically, Release Notes contain a section for 'Known Issues' with the current release. It would be great if this was included for new releases. It seems this information was included back around version 12.3, but doesn't appear since.

For example, I recently learned that the WHD Notifier extension is broken in this latest release. This is something we would like to have known prior to the upgrade.

Level 10


At the moment we still use WHD version 12.1.0. In the foreseeable future we would like to upgrade.

From you experience is an upgrade from 12.1.0 straight to 12.5. recommendable or should we update 12.2.0, 12.3.0 and so on? Have you done it and how did it work?



Level 9

Seconded. We are running 12.2.0 right now, can we jump right to 12.5.0?

Level 14

As long as you are running 12.0 or higher you should have no issues going straight to 12.5.

Level 12

We went from 12.1 to 12.5 with no issues.  However, we're using MySQL for the DB and had to upgrade it to a supported version prior to the WHD upgrade.

Be sure to verify your DB version is compatible per the System Requirements.

Level 7

Does this include FIPS encrypted WHD?

Level 9 it's been awhile since that 12.5 update....Is 12.6 on the horizon? 

Level 14

12.5.1 was just released yesterday.

Level 8

When is there going to be an update to the Mobile Interface (or a working app?).  All of this new GUI looks great on a desktop browser, but we're stuck with the older IOS looking mobile interface and so much functionality is lost.

Level 12

Hi Amy, I do have great plans for the iOS app. Please send me a private message with your availability as I'd like to jump on a call with you and get your feedback.

Level 7

When is the mobile app going to be updated? My team would love to just use their phone/tablet while visiting buildings to get tickets done. Also can we get more customization options to let us choose our own color scheme?

Level 7

Milan, an update to the iOS app is WAY OVERDUE! This should be a priority to be updated. 

Level 8

Hi Milan!  I'll PM you shortly.