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Announcing General Availability of Web Help Desk 12.2 & Dameware 11.1

Level 15

I'm very happy to share with you, that we reached GA milestone for Web Help Desk (WHD) 12.2 and Dameware (DW) 11.1 with many new exciting features! Focus of these releases was mostly new reporting for Assets and Integration, but we were also working on other features, namely

  • Dameware Integration
    • Seamless start of remote session from WHD
    • Recording of session data (including chat and screenshots) back to WHD ticket
  • Asset Reporting in WHD
    • Asset statistics reporting
    • Asset reservations reporting
  • New WHD FAQ UI rewritten to a new framework with various improvements
  • Many Documentation improvements, new APIs and many bug fixes and more..

If you want to learn more about these releases check out following links:

How does integration looks like? It's slick and seamless as you can see on this video:

Web Help Desk 12.2 and Dameware 11.1 are now available on your customer portal.

If you are a new user Download Web Help Desk or Dameware now!

Level 9

After a few tries I finally got into the demo page for techs

I noticed that the site has not been updated and is still on 12.0.1. Any idea when the site will be updated?

Level 15

Good catch , it is coming, it should be updated today or tomorrow.

Level 14

What is the Build Number for the final release?

Level 15

Why are you asking Tom? Is this related to the Demo server? The build numbers might be different (Demo server requires specific modifications).

Level 14

Not related to the demo server. I downloaded the file yesterday and though I ran it against our dev server however the build is I thought this was the build number for RC2, wanted to see if I accidently ran the wrong file.

Level 15

Oh I see. Last RC is typically made RTM, so that's why you see same build number. Btw. we already release Hotfix for 12.2 with some last minute fixes: mostly in FAQ, which was completely rewritten.