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Announcing General Availability of Web Help Desk 12.1.0

Level 15

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Web Help Desk v12.1.0. The contents of this release contain new features and improvements, namely,

  • Ability to de-escalate a ticket
  • Casper 9 support via Casper API
  • New REST API for Locations
  • New REST API for Assets
  • Improved help accessibility and many documentation improvements
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements

You can view the full set of release notes here.

To learn more about new features in this release see this blog post.

Download Web Help Desk now and have fun!

Level 8

I've tried to upgrade my WebHelpDesk from 12.0.0 to 12.1.0 unfortuneatly I get this error when running the installer:


Then when I press OK, I get this:


Even though I'm logged into the Admin account. and run the installer as Admin!

Any thoughts?


have you tried to right-click on package and select option Run as Administrator? Did it work?


Level 8

Yes, I did run the installer as Admin.

Level 7

Where can we get the latest API document that shows all the changes since 2011, including the Asset one mentioned in this release? The one at API site api is not kept up to date!

Level 7

Hello, the new vesion of REST API documentation is availible here: Web Help Desk API.

It is also reachable from the WHD documentation portal here.

Level 15

Could you please create a support ticket (if you have not solved this already)? Thanks.