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Announcing General Availability of DameWare 10.0!

Level 17

DameWare 10.0 has officially been released!  This marks a milestone in DameWare history, with DameWare officially going mobile!  We listened to your feedback over the past year, and one thing we heard time and again was the ability to use DameWare on mobile devices.. With DRS 10.0, you will now be able to remotely control machines with the DameWare agent from your iPad or iPhone running iOS 6 or greater. For those of you running a different OS- <cough>Android</cough> don't flame us just yet; we're very interested in making that happen for you in the future.

In order to securely proxy your mobile traffic from the interwebs to your systems, we've created a new service called the DameWare Mobile Gateway (DMG for short.) DMG is installed on a Windows server installed in your DMZ (or behind your firewall if you have mobile VPN access.)


Once installed, just configure your user accounts, and you are off and running:


The DameWare iOS mobile client is freely available in the AppStore, and once installed will prompt you for the IP address of your newly installed Gateway, as well as user name and password.

After sucessfull authentication, proceed to connect to any endpoint running the DameWare agent. Besides the brand new mobile app, there are several other items worthy of note in this release:

1. Remote mounting of ISO via Intel's vPro AMT - re-install an OS from across the globe.

2. Support for authenticated proxies during silent installation

Full release notes are available here

Detailed deployment guide for DMG here

If you're an existing customer on SolarWinds maintenance then this upgrade is absolutely free to you.  If you've yet to purchase through SolarWinds, you can download and try the new features for free for 14 days.  Purchasing 10.0 gets you a year of maintenance which entitles you to free upgrades and support. I hope you'll check out 10.0, and I'd love to hear your feedback on the new features and enhancements!

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