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User Agent customization in Transactions

User Agent customization in Transactions

More and more SaaS services do browser checks based on User Agent string, and refuse or degrade access to their system if the User Agent string does not provide a satisfactory result.

Because of that, we had to stop adding new Transaction checks into Pingdom, and now even the existing ones are starting to fail because another SaaS vendor added a browser check, without an option to whitelist Pingdom. At this point, we're standing in front of a decision whether we continue with Pingdom, or we go and find another monitoring service, since Pingdom Transactions are failing to pass those browser checks.

I asked for this feature three years ago, and apparently it was created as a feature request in your system at that time, but no response or change since then, and now we really have to decide what to do with our monitoring system.

Thank you

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