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Support for SAML SSO Login

Support for SAML SSO Login

Requesting pingdom to enable a feature for SAML SSO Login for login accounts

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Product Manager
Product Manager
Status changed to: What We're Working On

Hi @sandeeprenuka this is something on our current roadmap

Let me know if this meets functionality will meet this request. Thanks!

Thank You. SAML support for all standard IDP providers will be helpful

I will suggest to have a flag enabled for each user 1. SAML Login 2. Local Login.  We have a situation where we need some service accounts to have local login. 

Product Manager
Product Manager
Status changed to: Implemented

SAML for Pingdom was released this week! Feedback welcome!

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@katieb  thanks, it works great! Is there a news or updates where we can subscribe to on product releases? 

Product Manager
Product Manager

@katieb  Thank you. This is a good start.


1) I have evaluated this and found a major blocker limitation due to which i cannot implement this in my organization.  With the current set up of SSO, if i enable SSO, all users in my organization will be able to see my account settings. In my organization, there are various LOB's with different pingdom subscription.  Can you think about a way to organize the SSO set up for various subscriptions? Such as defining a namespace for each subscription

2) With current feature, all SSO users need to provide their owner account email. This is practically not possible for every user ( ie in my case 500+ members) to remember my owner account email. Instead a dedicated namespace value will be better from a usability view



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Hi! I would like to add to this.

It would be very usefull to integrate some form of user provisioning with the SAML feature. Inviting and revoking access to all new and leaving team members is surely not a great experience and might be a security risk if not managed properly.

Even a form of csv import/export or a API endpoint that could be used would make this much easier.

Hope to see this implemented in the near future.